BOBs for me and the family finished...

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    I've finished making a bug-out-bag (BOB). The black one is for 1 person containing the 5 "C"s of survival and more. The red one was store bought as a 4 person family emergency kit bag. They both weigh similar at 20 pounds even.

    I'm going to list most of what's in the black one, because it's a pretty good BOB. The following will cover each of the 5 "C"s, but it also has: 3-day food bar, 1st aid, radiation tablets, water purification tablets, a survival guide in ziplock, gloves, socks/boxers, crank flashlight, whistle, etc.

    1) Combustion: magnesium fire starter

    2) Cordage: 50' paracord

    3) Container: cooking pot, stainless water bottle, canteen (both filled and included in the 20 pound weight)

    4) Cutting tool: tomahawk, saw, shovel, knife w/sharpener, multi-tool

    5) Cover: tarp (7' x 9'), poncho, thermal blanket, tent pegs

    The red bag has a good variety too with some duplications to the black bag, but that's OK.
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    I really like that you kept it simple and even thought about the weight of the water you'll be carrying. Most people want to add everything including the kitchen sink and then forget that they might have to carry all that stuff. Or should I say they might have to "try" and carry all their stuff because they aren't going to be able to carry it far.

    I keep a basic set up pretty close to what you have and then I add a little to it based on the season like mosquito netting in the summer or a sleeping bag attached in the winter. And I always keep extra socks, a few fishing supplies, and a little more food.:)

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    Always great to see people prepare for our uncertain future. Good job.

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    Nicely done.

    I dig your avatar.:cool: