Boar War: Wild hog kills hunter near Berlin

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    Yep them suckers are indeed dangerous !,1518,583377,00.html

    An enraged and hungry wild boar attacked a hunter, who then bled to death.

    In recent months wild boars, whom zoologists consider to be Germany's "most dangerous animal", have expanded their comfort zones with city centers now also falling under their reign of destruction. This year alone, boars chased a pair of policemen onto a balcony in a suburb of Frankfurt, sent a pensioner to the emergency room in Berlin, and broke into a home improvement store before being shot to death at the checkout counter in North Rhine-Westphalia.

    Now the stakes are even higher as an unlucky hunter, a married 72-year-old man from Berlin, lost his life when trying to dispatch a wild beast spotted feasting on maize in a cornfield 70 kilometers outside Berlin.

    By the time other hunters found the man, he was lying on the ground bleeding heavily from his knee. They called an ambulance but it was too late. The boar warrior had punctured a major artery and the 72-year-old sportsman bled to death.
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    I've shot more than my fair share of wild boars here in Texas. Probably several hundred anyway. My S&W PC 629 Hunter 44 Magnum thrownig a 305 grain hardcast semi-wadcutter bullet powered with 25.5 grains of H110 and ignited with CCI Magnum primer... It's a ONE-SHOT KILL every time.

    Give me a round-trip ticket to Berlin... and I'll kill them all.