Blueprints or CAD data of a 1911???

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by Suppe, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. Suppe

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    Hi everyone,

    I am a student (mech. eng.) from germany and searching for blueprints or even better a complete CAD file of a 1911!!!
    I tried to search the net but was not very happy finding anything quite usefull. :rolleyes:

    I just found this forum!!! :D
    Very interessting!
    I am jealous watching you guys in the states are able to shoot such nice guns!!!

    I hope you can help me!!!

  2. JohnGalt

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    M1911 Blueprints

    This might help

    Blueprints of the M1911A1 Colt .45 Automatic Pistol

    Thanks for your thoughts, but if Americans don't wake up soon, we will be in the same golden cage as you are in Europe. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you, fellow Freedom lover!