Blueing Maleable Cast Steel

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    I'm seeking information on blueing Maleable Cast Steel receivers such as The Savage Model 219. Will rust blue give an acceptable finish? Hot Caustic blueing salts turn these receivers a redish purple that is not appealing to me.

    Thanks in advance for help from anyone who has had experience with this procedure.

    Two Old Dogs
  2. Aderondacker

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    Sounds like the Winchesters 94 with serial # 2,700,000 or higher. Winchester plated those receivers with steel to get them them to blue but the bluing action eats up the plating. I have been leaving the receivers alone and bluing the barrels and everything else (hot salts) I've talked to suppliers of bluing supplies and they do not have anything to blue those types if receivers. My customers do not want to take the chance and have a purple receiver either. They do not like the receiver to be painted either by baking lacquer or molly coat black. I have painted a number of receivers that are aluminum in flat or glossy finish and no one has complained yet. Hopefully someday I get one in that I can experiment with different bluing methods and if nothing works then I can air brush on one of the baking lacquers.


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    Olddogs- no guarantee, your mileage may vary, weight loss not typical, void where prohibited.

    Have a friend that does a lot of bluing, including Winchester Model 12s with Nickel Steel. He swears by Ultra Black 400, but runs the temps higher for those- instead of 275, about 310. MIGHT work for yours.
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