Blued/ stainless cylinder swapping.

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by sky, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. sky

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    I Own a ruger blackhawk .357 mag, blued finish. I'm interested in switching out the blued cylinder for a stainless steel one. This question may seem obvious or stupid, but does anyone know if i were to purchase a stainless steel cylinder from ruger, would it fit into my blued gun? Or would there be some slight dimension differences between the blued and stainless versions? If anyone knows for sure, i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
  2. c3shooter

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    First, I do not know that you CAN buy a cylinder from the maker. Second, parts like these are rarely "drop in", but require some degree of fitting. If the "timing" of a revolver is off just a bit, that is a very bad event.

  3. hiwall

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    I do not think you can buy a cylinder from Ruger as it is a "restricted" part. They will sell you one if you send them your gun so they can fit the cylinder to your particular gun. You could buy a used cylinder from someplace like Gunbroker or Gunparts and hope that everything lined up when you put it in your gun. A used cylinder has a fair chance of working fine in your revolver but there is a very real chance the timing may be off slightly. If the timing is off its a bad thing.
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    To each his own and i'm all for your own firearm expression of style,but why? that sure sounds like it would look ugly to me :eek:
  5. sky

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    Alright, thanks guys for the advice. I'll see what i can do.