Blued pistol refurnish for corrosion resistance

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    I use standard chrome-moly pistols around a saltwater environment. Even being very careful I find rust spots occasionally. What would be by best choice for corrosion resistance in a flat black color? I see Dura-Coat advertised.

    Thank you
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    First, stop by the introductions and let us know about yourself. We like that.:D

    What parts of your firearm are you finding rust spots on? Are you holsters retaining the salt water? Or something else you can change to reduce the chance of rust?

    One of our moderators did a practical test of different fluid protectants specifically against salt water. I'm too tired to find the thread right now, but maybe he can stop by and give you the inside scoop.

    Any coat that is not metal (duracoat) would be more effective in stopping rust.

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    I have seen some asolutely incredible reviews and commentary on the qualities of duracoat... Would be a great option to consider... Also, durabake as it is less sensitive to temperature changes...