Bloomberg wants to take guns from abused women

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by wittmeba, Apr 18, 2014.

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  2. Eagle1803

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    This guy is out of control. I think when he sleeps at night he dreams all these dumb proposals with his wacker in one hand. Idiot.:rolleyes:

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    What a jackass!

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  4. Warrior1256

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    Bloomie and his ilk don't care a bit about keeping anyone safe. Their agenda is pure and simple, the eventual outlawing of civilian gun ownership. If there is any 2A supporter out there that has not figured this out yet WAKE UP!!!
  5. WonderingMind

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    Not to inflict yet another beating on the dead horse but it is still my belief that disarming the Citizenry is for the direct protection of our Glorious Leaders and their hold on power. The economy has been engineered to collapse. Schools have been engineered to ruin the last several generations, now with common core that is accelerating. People have been taught to fear firearms and that self defense is always wrong and evil.

    In other words, our whole nation has be set up to fail so that the Progressives can finish the project they started on December 23rd 1913. However, even if they get all the "Change" they want armed Citizens will still have the power to change it back. THAT is IMO why they are pushing so hard to make people fear firearms and to take them away from law abiding Citizens.

    If we are armed and stand ready to repel the designs of evil men, like what happened in Bunkerville NV, then in the end we will win. If we allow our Glorious Leaders to continue to expand their control over us and take our means of defense away then they will win and we will get to experience that thousand years of darkness that Regan warned us of.
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    This is just another bunko bloomie ploy to take

    more guns from more people.