BLM closing to shooters in Colorado

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by jw2atech, Apr 4, 2013.

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    Here is a link posted by the NRA-ILA today:

    If you live Colorado please call the Colorado office Bureau of Land Management, be polite & be courteous, ask them why they are closing the land to shooters & let them know that this land belongs to all Americans, you're not happy with this decision and that we all have a say what our land can & cannot be used for.
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    What reason are they giving to the public for closing to target shooters? It sounds like bs to me.

  3. locutus

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    I'd like to know the whole story.

    Several years ago, a portion of National forest near me was closed to shooting.

    But it was closed because the usage had become so intense, so many people were all over it that there were no safe places to shoot anymore.

    The area around Grand Junction has undergone such a population explosion over the last 20 that it may well be justified. would like to know the whole story.
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    I live in Grand Junction. I have been to the meeting. They are not trying to close the areas where responsible shooters shoot. There are homes at the end of some of the areas that they are wanting to close. They are areas where I would never shoot simply because I can clearly see homes off in the distance. Sadly we have a bunch of idiots here that dont mind shooting towards homes and roads and stupid stuff like that.

    Good meaning people have posted signs at the ranges where people currently shoot claiming that they will be closed. But it is incorrect. The areas they want to close are very minimal when you think about the dangers. Many of those homes have bullet holes in them.

    I shoot right next to the areas that are propossed to be closed. I support closing them. However they want to close a bunch of areas to other types of recreation. Those are a much bigger threat to our freedoms. Those I have written my objections to those parts of the plan.
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    You all need to read the article from the NRA.

    I just posted another thread on Colorado!

    Colorado: This Session’s Most Unconstitutional Bill to be Introduced Tomorrow
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    I saw that, it sounds like we need to call, fax, email.
    No due process to lose a constitutional right for one year is very serious indeed.
    Anyone could lose their right to own a firearm based on the allegation of any doctor or health worker, no proof required??
    This bill may even keep people who may need help from getting it for fear of losing their right to own a firearm.
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    The BLM closed a 71,000 acre section near me a couple years ago. Now I see "No Shooting" signs are up in another area near me. :(