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  1. This one goes into my 'cop gun' collection (a rather wide selection of double action revolvers of the 20th Century).

    This one is a Smith & Wesson 1905 Hand Ejector, Third Model, Second Change in caliber .32-20; aka .32 Winchester Centerfire (not to be confused with .32 Winchester Special).

    As far as I can tell from my references, it was made circa 1909 (oddly the birth year of my late Honored Father) and seems to be a worn original. Six and one half inch barrel, somewhat dark in the grooves, nickel plated and seems to be not re-plated (markings pretty crisp; screw heads - uh - 'used'). Has factory mother of Pearl grip panels with S&W logo medallions inset. The grips are not only unbroken, they are are unchipped!

    The serial number is 49xxx, only five digits. If anyone has better date of manufacture, I would be appreciative.

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    The SN puts it in the range of the 32-20 Hand Ejector Model of 1905 2nd Change- which overlapped the 1st Change. SN range of 33501- 45200, spanning 1906-1909. Page 131, Standard Catalog of S&W.

    BTW, that is a REAL nice revolver you have there. Always thought the 32-20 was a better round than the .38 Special. I worked with a gent that carried one for 30 years- when he retired, the VA legislature passed a bill recognizing his service, and awarding him his revolver and badge.

  3. I believe it is a 'Second Change', as the extractor star has the two pin arrangement.

    Thank you sir for that bit of information.