blemished bullets for sale

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by huffmanite, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. huffmanite

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    Just noticed Midway now has a wide selection of blemished bullets for sale that you reloaders might want to check.
  2. W. C. Quantrill

    W. C. Quantrill New Member

    I was just reading that, they have some mixed 150/165 gr .30 cals for $12.19/100....I'm tempted to grab 500 of those. Midway adds in a handling charge,,,,postage and handling, so that it is more efficient to buy in larger quantities to spread that around. I order from several places and get orders for flat rate $8 or $9, but when I order from Midway, then its going to cost me more. On small orders, it is not feasible to do that unless it is an item that I absolutely have to have and no one else has one.

    That item has been withdrawn in the time it took me to type this.......Hmmm.

    I ran 5 boxes of other similar bullets, and the postage and handling is $13.55 for that order. It would be the same for one box, but when updating the order to 10 boxes, there was no postage or handling. So, if I find some other guys that want to go in, we can buy a thousand bullets, split them up, and avoid shipping and taxes, which makes them a good buy.

  3. msup752

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    I checked the website and there is nothing there. Checked sale and clearance as well. I don't have any e-blast emails. U guys have a link to them?