Blank Firing Gun (actually taking apart)

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    all right guys just to start..i own a glock .40 Caliber and also have a blank .22 automatic..ive been all over google people are saying you cant shoot real rounds from it..but how when it uses the same exact mechanism as a real gun?? I know there is something in the blank gun itself blocking the hole for it not to shoot real rounds..but if i was to take the blank gun apart and take that piece out and did some other key stuff to it would you be able to shoot live rounds?? I know your not supposed to this but i wouldnt use this gun because i have a real one all ready just would be a cool project of mines.

    Thanks guys for reading
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    Well, if it can fire LIVE REAL BALL ammo, it is not a blank gun, And the Feds are a tad fussy about that, since there is a Federal Excise tax paid by the maker of real guns, but not blank guns.

    To answer, a blank pistol will GENERALLY not be built to the same standards of construction of a real gun- weaker metals, etc. So it is not just replacing one part.

    There were some STARTER pistols (think of the start of a track meet) that looked like a regular 22 revolver- but with a very short cylinder, and the barrel was a solid chunk of steel- with a point right above the face of the cylinder. Actually made report louder, and no way to fire a ball round, except replacing the cylinder AND barrel.

    IF you replace all the parts, you have rebuilt the gun, spent 4 times what it would cost, and still have a Frankengun that is liable to hurt you. Even 22 LR has some decent pressures.

    There used to be a company back in the 60's (may still be around) that made and sold very realistic replicas- even stripped down like real thing- but to get their 1911A1 to shoot, you would replace the barrel, slide, provide a firing pin, firing pin spring, extractor, ejector- and THEN find out that the slide dimensions did not match up. And still have a pot metal frame that would crack at the first shot.

    Run a google search for zip gun. And if you do this, please do not attempt to shoot in the area of innocent bystanders.


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    blank guns

    they do make realistic working blank guns from $40 to $300?.but they shoot blanks and blanks do not build pressure unless blocked.what is it now a days is it the water or are they putting something in the koolade.from blank guns to making powder or primers.seems some of them have a death wish.
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    Wildcatt- some actions cause the AVERAGE IQ of the human race to increase just a little. :rolleyes:

    Personally, I love the "Can you tell me how to make dynamite?" questions I encounter on some forums.

    Answer- why, yes- I am a certified Explosives Engineer- I CAN tell you how to make dynamite. WILL I ? No way.
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    IF it didn't blow up on him (which is entirely HIGHLY probable), he would be subject to prosecution for making a working firearm from a "non-gun". No worries, if he has to ask about it, he lacks the skills/means to actually "convert" it.
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    Sometimes the gene pool needs to get a little bit of chlorine added.