Blaming Hunting for Omaha mall shooting

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    I borrowed this from another forum. I was so disgusted by it I had to share it with you guys.

    Letters to the editor

    Gunman used hunting skills at Omaha mall

    Gunman used hunting skills at Omaha mall
    The world was stunned by the senseless shootings at the Westroads Mall and we mourn for the families and friends of the victims. While nothing can ease the pain of the survivors, it is time for the firearms industry and Nebraska Game and Parks to take partial responsibility for these wanton acts of violence, since incidents such as these expose the fine line between violence against wildlife and violence against humans.

    Soon after the shootings took place, reported that Robert Hawkins was seen with a gun and was believed to be going hunting, something he did quite often. Hawkins now joins other infamous killers such as the teens who slaughtered twelve Columbine High School students in Littleton, Colorado in 1999, and the Jonesboro, Arkansas children who killed four classmates and a teacher in 1998, who were hunters before turning their guns toward people.

    Sadly, the killing skills used by Hawkins are taught to Nebraska's children by the Game and Parks Commission under the guise of "Hunter Education." As long as state agencies conspire with the weapons industry in promoting violence as recreation, senseless killings will always take place.

    Firearms and ammunition excise taxes are allocated to support and promote sport hunting - violence disguised as recreation - and the wildlife management business benefits every time a gun or ammunition is purchased, regardless of how those weapons are used. The time has come to re-write the firearms tax laws and have gun taxes support the medical/funeral expenses of the victims of gun violence, as well as supporting crime fighting programs.

    Please join our members and supports in Grand Island and across the nation in eradicating the cancer of sport hunting forever. Visit to help make the world a safer place for wildlife and people.

    Joe Miele,

    Vice President

    The Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting

    New Paltz, NY
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    There are a lot of things wrong with Mr. Miele's opinion piece, but we've seen the sentiments and false arguments before.

    All of the blame rests on the shoulders of the individual whose finger was on the trigger.

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    This POS is an animal rights activists and a punk
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    Now that's just ignorant.
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    Those skills can also be learned on computers.

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    Ever noticed how when ever there is a tradigy that is full of emotion is when the Anti groups come out of the wood work trying to push thier agenda? It is a sad world we live in that people will blame everything and everyone except the person responsible. Someone gets shot go after the gun maker and the gunshop. Or it is because he hunted, or video games, or violance on movies/TV. But it seems like the person who did the act is ever responsible, always some thing else to blame. Reminds me of the saying "where are we going and why are we in this hand basket."
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    I learn to hunt by watching Ted Kennedy drive his car ;)
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    Oh Pleeaseeeee!!! (What an Idiot!)
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    Sounds like another Liberal who thinks a gun-free zone should be as safe as a school- Want to be safe- Learn to take some responsibility for your own safety!

    Last month my accountant (former Liberal) got scared in the dark Thursday night , called 911... By Friday morning he had become a Conservative and bought his first .357 Magnum in my store- along with his wife!
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    I that I think I'm going to use that as my sig!
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    quite right friend. there are no such thing as a secuire gun free zone. its impossible to maintain even more if you want to proteckt the right of privacy if you understand what i mean.
    "We are a gun free contry here in Denmark" but in the reality its only the criminel elements who carry firearms in publick. I tell you even though i am a rather strong mann im afraid to be in many of the citys in the night time without any protecion. But as i have written about earlyer its eligal to carry a firearm. in cdonclusion: i am against the right for people with a criminal record to carry a gunn in public. even a criminal person do have the right to have a gun but only inside his house in order to be cabable of protect himself and his family.
    In Denmark witch is a very lovely contry,with very good international relations, with your nation. We were one of the few states who is suporting your trops in Irak, but our insane law here in order the right to protect your self from outsidde agression, a thief a national shame. We loosede this right about a century ago and now only the "bad" people rules not only the streats but also our homes. its shameless.
    Ihope you good americans in this forum takes it serysly to protect your right to protect your family and your5 self.
    thanks for listning