Blade-Tech Bobby McGee IPDA Combo Pak for concealment?

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    Greetings and Happy New Year.
    I have been looking for an OWB holster for my G19. I'm really looking for a leather holster as I've been carrying IWB with a Don Hume PCH and it works well,but I'm thinking OWB might fit better this time of year. I came across a sale on Blade-Tech's site for the Bobby McGee Pak that is really good, and it comes with a dual mag holder which I don't have right now. I'm thinking of possibly taking some advanced classes, and possibly shooting at some IDPA matches, but that will be in the future. I realize that this combo kit is probably good for competitive shooting and for range work, but my question is how well it works for concealed carry? Does either the SRB attachment or the paddle hold the holster really close to the body like it says it does? I'm looking for anyone who might have personal experience using this holster (especially the SRB attachment) for concealed carry.

    Link to the Bobby McGee Pak: Bobby McGee Pro Series IDPA PAK :: Competition Series Products :: Blade-Tech Industries

    Much thanks!