BlackHawk Remington 870 Knoxx SpecOps Adjustable Shotgun Stock

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    BlackHawk Remington 870 Knoxx SpecOps Adjustable Shotgun Stock

    BlackHawk Knoxx SpecOps Adjustable Shotgun Stock, Gen 2, Remington 870, 12 Gauge

    Durable polymer and alloy construction for years of rugged use 11.25” to 15” length-of-pull (seven adjustment positions with four inches of adjustment to fit all shooters)
    Dual recoil-compensation systems eliminate harsh recoil with all loads
    Unique design cuts muzzle rise for faster target reacquisition
    Eliminates shoulder fatigue and related recoil injuries
    Includes matching composite forend
    Ergonomic pistol grip with non-slip texturing for secure grip
    Quick single bolt installation

    The recoil-reducing SpecOps Gen II shotgun stock will revolutionize the way you think about shotguns. From the longest arm of the law to the shortest, any size shooter can use the stock comfortably in any situation and with any load.

    The SpecOps shotgun stock reduces harsh recoil by up to 85 percent. The stock--which is designed for Remington 870 12-gauge shotguns--employs the proven Knoxx dual recoil compensation system to reduce harsh recoil by up to 85 percent, making even heavy loads easy for shooters to handle. The design allows law enforcement and military personnel to use their shotguns with all load-bearing and ballistic tactical vests.

    The SpecOps stock includes an adjustable length-of-pull with seven rapid adjustment positions (from 11.25 to 15 inches). The adjustable pull--which fits all shooters in a matter of seconds--offers a number of benefits: it's an ideal fit for any type of clothing or gear, it reduces injury due to improperly fit stocks; it reduces overall firearm length to improve your storage options; and it improves accuracy, hit ratios, and training scores.

    The stock is also well built, with a durable polymer and alloy construction that's designed for years of rugged use. In addition, the stock's unique design cuts muzzle rise, allowing for faster target reacquisition. Other features include a matching composite forend; an ergonomic pistol grip with customizable, interchangeable rubber grip inserts; and integrated ambidextrous single-point sling plate and quick-detach sling swivels.