Blackening / Darken stainless steel?

Discussion in 'Engraving & Refinishing' started by CaptThomas, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. CaptThomas

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    Is there anything I can use to blacken stainless short of the special Brownell's hot bath salts? I have a older Mini 14, a Delta Elite and couple of other stainless guns that I need to be at least "tac neutral" as far a shine & gloss go. I figured I would just strip & glass bead them but they need to toned down. Not pretty....... true subdued field carry guns, pretty or even uniform is not on my list and the paint on finishes don't sound real good to me either.

    What would happen if I tried cold blue or phosphate / parkerizing solution? Any thoughts?


    Capt. Thomas
  2. HockaLouis

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    In the old days it was paint. Try hi temperature spray paint -- made specifically for b-bcues but I've used "flat" to touch up motorcycle exhausts with surface rust. And, you can always change your mind and take it off!