Black powder cartridge loading

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    I reload cowboy loads for fun I use them in my Henry 38/357 and a couple single action Ruger 38/357 revolvers I like the smoke and the fuse it makes on the range most of the guys there shoot smokless powder but I like making that fog bank I tell them it makes life more like real life LOL and a fog bank does come in now and then right ? I reload for the mag. loads as well for the rifle as that Henry is hefty enough to with stand a cannon round ..I dont know of many guys reloading with Black powder I do some smokless rounds for the wife and for my home defense weapons but find the enjoyment in reloading the old fashion way I do it by hand with a Lee portable hand press it is cheap and works wonders Any fellow BP cartridge shooters around ????;)
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    I reload BP in .45 Long Colt (35 grains of 3fg) for my Uberti Model P (Colt Peacemaker replica), and for my .45-70 Pedersoli 1874 Sharps replica. Those were the original loads for those calibers in those firearms.

    I load with a RCBS BP powder measure, and use a drop tube for the .45-70, I only load the .45-70 with 65 grains of 2fg.

    I also shoot a lot of BP in sidelock rifles (both percussion and flintlock) and pistols in cap & ball (.44 Walker-Colt replica) and a single shot deuling pistol muzzleloader.