Black Powder and Pyrodex?

Discussion in 'Blackpowder & Musket' started by JohnSilver, Jul 19, 2007.

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    Does anyone know the difference between black powder and pyrodex?
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    Thanks BLS, I haven't seen that page before. It has a lot of info.

    But as for me and my house, Holy Black is the only way to go.

    15 bucks a pound, I can get it less than 10 miles from the house. Pyrodex and Triple Se7en costs almost 25 -30 bucks around here.

    I shoot 250 grain bullest over 28 grains FFF in my 45 SAA's.:eek:

    1 1/2 oz square load in the magtech brass 12 gauge.
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    defference between black powder and pyrodex

    Hello: My believe the difference is that. If your going to shoot a black powder gun. Then use black powder. I've tried the pyrodex, I belong to a muzzleloader club. I took the pryodex out and let anybody use it that wanted to. Well out of about 20 shooters. they said pour it out on the ground and light it. Get rid of it. don't buy any more of it. But I gave it a good try it didn't always go off. miss fire's. hangfire's , you name it. I can use black all day long and never have any trouble. Just my two cents. Pete
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    There is nothing like the smell of (real) black powder gunsmoke in the morning!

    I started off with Pyro as I could not obtain real BP locally in the Houston area. Once I found out that I could buy Goex (or Swiss) over the internet and have it delivered to my door, I have not bought another container of Pyro. Real BP from Powder Inc (or any of a 1/2 dozen other internet sources) costs about $20/lb. including the UPS and HAZ-MAT fees.
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    I use Pyrodex and have no problems with it using standard caps. If I could get black locally I would but I can't afford to buy in bulk online.
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    IMHO, Pyrodex is like kissing your cousin. Not your first choice, but better than no kiss at all.

    Have been in some areas that I just could not get black- but could get Pyrodex. Will stick w/ Goex when I can get it. Looking at trying some of the Triple 7. Pyro seems dirtier on my .50 Hawken that black does.
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    Guess I won't be to popular, oh well...

    Me myself,I have never once, not a single time had any problem whatsoever with Pyrodex. On the two flinters that I owned, I always used Goex black so I cannot address that issue.

    This much I can say. When I was guiding on three separate occasions big bulls were lost when "real" black failed to go boom. One time it sort of fizzled, and my client ended up using my TC Renegade because we were unable to get the stuffing out of his rifle. He was happy, after all, it was his first Elk hunt, and he got a cow. But he should have taken a nice raghorn.