Black Oxide finish vs. bluing

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    Does anyone have any knowledge or preferably experience with using a black oxide finish and can tell me anything as to how it holds up in comparison to hot bluing? I saw this product and it would be much cheaper and easier to do than hot bluing. Here is a link to this particular product and a little info about it:

    Any feedback or knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Gun refinishing is something I'm still learning and I dont have the money yet for a hot blue setup, and Im definitely not a fan of cold bluing, as it doesn't hold up well, and from my experience, is a royal pain to do and get it to turn out right.

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    Hot Bluing IS black oxide....they are one and the same

    Black oxide is red oxide (rust) that has been chemically altered by heat. If you look up Slow Rust Bluing you can see what I am talking about.

    The Caswell stuff looks interesting, but I would like to know more about how it oxidizes the metal and converts it to black oxide.

    My guess is that this may just be another cold blue formula that uses selenium or copper dioxide that reacts with steel and turns black

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    Good guess, Bandit.

    When in doubt, find the chemical Safety Data Sheet. Phosphoric acid, selenious acid, copper, nitric acid.