Black Coyote Service Rifle Team

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    This year I'll be shooting at Camp Perry as a member of the Black Coyote Service Rifle Team. The team consists of a number of shooters from the Rochester, NY area. Many of us have competed at Camp Perry in the past, but this is the first time we'll be competing as a team. If you're interested in seeing what happens at Camp Perry or learning more about high power competition, you can keep an eye on our team facebook page listed below. We'll be posting photos and stories live throughout the competition. If you have a facebook account you can give the page a "like" to show your support and get updates as we post information.

    If you are attending the National Matches this year, keep an eye out for the Black Coyote shirts and hats. If you see one of us give a shout out that you're a FirearmsTalk member. Hope to see you there!