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    5 1/2" barrel Ruger Blackhawk Bisley in 45 Colt. Not a shot fired yet. Put in a Wolff spring kit, Belt Mountain base pin and got rid of the cylinder scribble. The cylinder throats are pretty tight so they will get reamed next. I am pysched!

    Ohh, and with Grizzley 300 grainers at 1250 fps., she barks. A lot. Just found that out about two minutes before posting. :D

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  2. freefall

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    Good on you. My main rural carry gun is a Ruger Bisely 44 that I had cut to 5" and Parkerized. Cost me WAY too much, but it's a sweet piece.

  3. CA357

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    Very nice.

    How did you remove the lawyerese billboards?
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    Very nice! I want one just like that.
  5. jeepcreep927

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    The billboard warning on this one is on the underside of the barrel and the ejector housing actually covers some of it. I don't know yet if I am going to sand that off or not. The cartoon work on the cylinder came off in the drill press. I put a 1/4" bolt through the cylinder with plastic bushings against the ends of the cylinder and a nut to tighten it all up. Chucked it in the press and used 100-220 grit paper with a file for a backer. Took about forty minutes. The "scroll work" is pretty shallow. I really like the unfluted cylinder and the clean look without the scroll. Trying to make it look like a Freedom Arms, since I can't afford one of those.

    I believe this is the Acusport run which is not a regular Ruger production model. The grip frame and ejector housing are stainless as well so she is pretty hefty, but that along with the Bisley grip certainly helped tame the loads I fired last night.

    I just need to find a decent cartridge belt that holds 6-12 rounds that is 2"-2 1/4" wide. The holster came from El Paso Saddlery and fits like a glove. I had heard horror stories about them but figured I'd chance it since they could make exactly what I wanted. I had the holster in less than ten days even though the stated turn around time was 4-6 weeks. I entered 5 1/2" Bisley on the order form and actually got a phone call asking if it was a Vaquero or Blackhawk since the sights are different. VERY pleased with the work and the service.
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