Birthday present!

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    July 11 was my 15th birthday and I had $200 dollars and a red dot stored away. So we stopped by our favorite sporting good store Bob's and picked up the long awaited 10/22.
    Its been 4 years since I've wanted one and I got three rifle between then and now but I got it.

    Within an hour of getting it I took a brick of federal champion and remington thunderbolts(only one box of those)

    I didn't really shoot for accuracy but I think I kept the majority of each box on each target. I was averaging about a 3" groups (25 yards off hand semi-rapid fire)

    I have shot about 275 rounds in the last three days in that gun alone with 6 F.T.E's. That's better than my Glenfield/Marlin but there's one issue. Quality.

    The 10/22 has a plasticy feeling trigger that can feel squishy at times but otherwise it feels mostly crisp. The reset is MUCH further than my Glenfield/Marlin.
    Another little peeve I have is the plastic barrel band but that will be replaced so no big deal there.

    Right now it is a standard carbine so there is no need to post pictures, everyone should know what one looks like.

    But I hope to keep the price low on my modifications.

    The first thing I am replacing is the trigger itself not the assembly but the trigger to get rid of the flexy plastic.

    In time i want it to look like this but with a birch stock and a different scope


    The bipod might alao change.

    I have a feeling this will be my favorite rifle :D
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    congrats and happy birthday. i was going to get a used bolt with the dough from my b-day (the 10th) but instead, i'm getting a bunch of ammo i usually consider too expensive for plinking and going out to eat for the 3rd time this week:rolleyes:

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    You have no idea how much I've been looking at 10/22 accesories.
    Its kind of hard to decide between a target rifle a tacticool wannabe rifle or a overall practical mostly stock 10/22.

    Ive decided between all three so I have some rails I have some accurizing and after that I still have the original stock.
    And I can say its a little different from everybody elses :D
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    A personalized rifle that will actually be personalized, a thought well beyond your 15 years congratulations. Don't forget though we need pics as you go. Happy belated birthday:D
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    Yea those Ruger 25 round mags are great. Dont wast your money on the cheap ones. We have both. The cheap one just stays home.
  8. sagenodland

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    My to buy list
    1. Williams Ace in the hole rear sight/ base

    2.Tactical barrel band

    3. Nylon or paracord sling

    4. 2 Bx-1 magazines

    5. 2 Bx-25 magazines

    And maybe a low magnification optic probably a utg 1-4