Birthday gift?

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by junho806, May 22, 2010.

  1. junho806

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    Hey guys birthday is still a few months away but I already started looking for my own present.
    I want a higher end 1911 because I had to sell my RIA tactical a while back to pay some bills. I won't be able to carry on campus so it will mostly be a range gun so full size is what I decided.
    My budget is around 1k so what do you guys recommend?
    I liked the kimber cutom II and springfield loaded but is there anything else I'm overlooking and that I should consider?
    and also what are the advantages/disadvantage of an aluminum frame?
    based on your feedback I'll try as many of them out as I can and decide.
    I know you 1911 guys will be here shortly to set me straight!
  2. Dillinger

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    Padwan - There is nothing like a 1911 as you have discovered.

    I have a Kimber Custom II. It was my regular carry gun, range gun, EVERYTHING gun for well over 4 years. That thing went everywhere with me and it shot with anything that I fed it.

    Now, I have heard several complaints of Kimber's Quality slipping lately, but I have yet to see a true to God example with my own eyes.

    With $1000 to spend, there are a lot of weapons to consider, both new and slightly used.

    The first thing I would recommend is to hit a few gun shops and see if there are any "higher" end models that are on consignment or for flat outright sale used.

    Around here, in the Tacoma area, I found a ton of used 1911's that were $900 to $1200 when I was looking for a good "cheap" 1911 to put through some tests and ultimately set on fire and shoot. :eek:

    Anything that is below $450 or so is selling like hotcakes, regardless of maker. However, higher end models from quality makers ( like Sig & H&K ), and 1911's, are sitting for months. You might be able to walk in and get yourself a deal on a loaded Springer or Kimber or a semi custom.

    If you want a new one, there are a lot of options and I would recommend you shop, test fire, handle and play with a lot of them BEFORE you put your hard earned money down.

    I still like the features of the Taurus, but most of the Interwebz hates them. Stalkingbear has one and it shot great for him.

    Now, on to the question of a steel frame and an aluminum slide, I will give you this lesson that was gleaned from my own experience.

    I bought a Beretta 92F back when Lethal Weapon 1 was just known as Lethal Weapon. :rolleyes:

    The 92F, at the time, had a steel slide and an aluminum frame. It also had a monster grip and a slide mounted safety, which I now hate since being educated by the world of Browning. :cool:

    After 5,000-6,00 or so rounds I was able to actually see a difference in the wear on the guide rails on the frame of the 92. There was a physical wear and it was not even, the Right side had more wear to it.

    I still presume that was because I was the only one who shot it & the Beretta has a right hand twist barrel.

    Now, that was back a million years ago when I was but a wee-pup in the yard. :rolleyes:

    Honestly though, I don't trust the wear rate on dissimilar metals. Aluminum is going to wear faster than steel. That is a fact. And even if you add grease or lube or the best liquid ball bearings available, there is still going to be metal on metal wear.

    Padwan, I would really try to steer you away from a pistol with one form of construction on the frame and a different one on the slide.

    *respect brother*

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  3. freefall

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    My brother in law has a S&W 1911 that is SWEET. Not sure what the price range is on those, he stole it when a gun store was going out of business. (He bought all kinds of stuff for about 30 cents on the $. Makes me ill.) I love my Kimber.
  4. Shihan

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    If I was going to be spending that kind of cheese, I would get 2 RIA Nickel Plated and do some sweet dual wielding 1911 rig. That is just me though.:D
  5. spittinfire

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    I was going to second JD but then I saw Shihans post and what would be cooler then dual wielding nickel 1911s? I don't think there is anything cooler.

    I have a Kimber Pro carry steel slide, aluminum frame....I got it cheap and I'm very happy with it. I do agree with JD about dissimilar metals though and my next 1911 with completely stainless.

    Take your time and shop around, you can find deals out there if you are patient.
  6. NGIB

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    This one cost exactly $998 - why not be the coolest fella on the range. [Springfield Loaded long slide] Lots of good choices out there in the $1K price range - be sure to look at Dan Wesson...

  7. suprdave

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    Seconded. I absolutely love mine.
  8. General-Logic

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    Springfield Mil-Spec and a LOT of ammo!
  9. Mr. Bluesky

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    R.I.P. thread. You were so young when JD killed you!