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  1. sizir1shotguns

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    In a few months (late August) i and my partner are going to hunt quail and partridge .
    my partner is going to use a 12gauge pompaction beneli ...
    i need to choose between 2 guns double barreld stevens over and under (12gauge)
    or an semi auto shotgun (chamberd 8 ) also 12gauge , ive noticed that my stevens is more accurat .... which shall i coose folks...
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  2. c3shooter

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    What should you use? Why, whichever gun you shoot the best! IMHO, the doubles tend to swing on birds more gracefully than a semi. I still have an older, cheap sxs 12 g that I really like for dove.

  3. jpattersonnh

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    Wish we could hunt Doves here. If your stomping fields, whichever is longer, for woods, the shorter barrel. You should try Woodcock here in the States. Those buggers live in the woods, fly about 3 feet (1 meter) off the ground and can bob and weave like nothing else. My buddy has picks of him hunting dove in the fig orchards in Saudi Arabia w/ one of the crown prince. They used AK47's! Strange pics indeed!
  4. 556plinker

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    The lighter the better when you are walking for a couple of hours. I suffer about anything to get into a couple of coveys.
  5. montveil

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    for upland game & birds I prefer a double with choke tubes and a selective trigger. I personally need a 12 but a 20 is fine.
    Keep the gun under 7 pounds. The selective trigger will allow you to select the barrel and choke needed for a particular shot. You can also load different shot sizes and loads .
    For instance, when I hunt ruffed grouse I use an IC with 8's and the second barrel with mod full choke and baby magnum 6's. This allows for a wide pattern up close followed by a longer shot with the 6's and the heavier shot with fewer pellets are partially offset by the mag load and mod full choke
    However, open pine forests for quail may be less demanding as one can wait for the longer shot and pattern to match. Hence, an auto loader 20 may be a consideration. But the double can still use 2 full chokes or a modified and full.
    Outside of pass shooting for ducks etc my choice has been a double THAT FITS YOU AND PRESEASON PRACTICE.