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    the only experience ive had with em is military ones for the M60 and the harris bipods. currently have a harris that is non-tilting. are there some other brands of short style bipods i should look at?? or should i stay with harris and just get the tilt version??

    this will be used on my savage 10. its got 2 front swivel studs
  2. mrm14

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    The tilt version is the only way to go for versitility. The Harris is good in the tilt version. However the Atlas not only tilts but also pans. Quite a good feature to have.

    Atlas Bipods

    Heres a pic of the Harris next to the Atlas. I'll be running the BT 10-LW17 for my next build.

    Atlas Bi-Pod 008.jpg

    You'll have to affix a small picitanny rail to the forestock to mount the Atlas if you decide to go that way. The Harris will mount to any QD stud.

  3. MP5mike

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    Check out Blackhawks bipod. Expensive, but very well made.
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    Good Bipod

    My friend has a Rem. 700vtr with this bipod

    Equalizer 1 Bipod

    He loves it and when I shot his gun I liked it a lot. The range we go to has fixed targets at different distances and angles. This bipod made it easy to move from target to target.