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Biometric handgun safes

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Does anyone have first hand knowledge about any of the newer style "finger print" safes ? Are they reliable? Are they durable? Do they open as fast as advertised? Are they worth the price? What models are better than others? I have a two year old little girl in the house and want to make sure that my handguns are inaccessible to her and readily accessible to myself or my wife if ever needed. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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Biometrics, batteries,, I'll keep that old spin tumbler thanks. An intruder cannot cut my finger off and gain access to my weapons, they just have to bring a really big hammer! :eek: To stay somewhat serious, education is great but I can remember getting into my dads guns at a curious 10, the hunter safety class came at 12, on the rifle team at 14. I was always careful but access is a temptation.
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