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Biometric handgun safes

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Does anyone have first hand knowledge about any of the newer style "finger print" safes ? Are they reliable? Are they durable? Do they open as fast as advertised? Are they worth the price? What models are better than others? I have a two year old little girl in the house and want to make sure that my handguns are inaccessible to her and readily accessible to myself or my wife if ever needed. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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I have some experience with the Biometrics models. They are pricey, or at least they were, but they do function very well. The programming is supposed to be a piece of cake, but I played with them at SHOT, and watched the demo, and even the rep had a bit of a problem taking people from the crowd and getting their fingerprints to over write the ones from the previous showing though.

That said, they are a sound product and in the demo, they did hit one with a sledgehammer and it didn't open. Granted, they didn't beat the hell out of it or anything, but they did give it a pretty good overhead whack that was resounding.

The kind of safes that righteous is talking about are from GunVault, and they cost about $50-$60. I have one myself that is secured to the under cabinet of the nightstand next to the bed. It's a cinch to get open in the dark, and they make a model that even has an internal light if you so chose.

That said, you can pry that thing open in about 15 seconds with a simple screwdriver, so you aren't getting a really secure model. It will keep the kids out, but it won't keep a determined thief from taking what's inside.

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