Biometric handgun safe

Discussion in 'Gun Safes' started by Missouribound, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. Missouribound

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    I have been thinking of getting one of these for my nightstand weapon.
    So many commercials I see have them just sitting on the nightstand and I wonder if anyone actually does that? I do not have any children in my home so I keep the pistol in the top drawer of my nightstand. Should we have any company any gun that I am not wearing goes in a safe to keep away from little (or big) curious fingers. The bottom line is I think that although I like the concept, maybe one of these isn't really what I need. Any reason to think otherwise? I do like gadgets and technology that aspect makes it interesting to me.
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  2. Mercator

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    I’ve had one for several years. The fingerprint reader works most of the time but isn’t reliable enough to count on it in a hurry. I deal with fingerprint readers in different places. All of them may refuse to recognize your fingerprint because it is dry/wet/cold/dirty/not centered/who knows. You try again and it works. Not for emergencies.

    I use that safe for storage. When child access was a concern I used another box with a simple numeric keypad.

  3. PeeJay1313

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    To clarify first, all my unused, nonsidearm, nonhome defense firearms are stored in a safe lockable condition. With that being said. My sidearm, witch doubles as my home defense, is always next to me, and readily available. I always know where it's at. My kids are grown up, so no wandering fingers that are "knowingly" in my household. If visitors come to visit, steps are taken accordingly... To me, under "MY" situation, I see no reason for one. If SHTF, I do not want a distraction or interference between me and the protection of my homestead.
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    I like technology too but for fun and convenience, not to secure a defense weapon. I keep a home defense gun all the time in my mechanical Simplex lock handgun safe. Very reliable, quick, and durable enough to last many years if not a life time. Mine is 10 years old and works the same as the first day. The door pops open with a strut when you enter the correct code and my gun is presented in a holster that is attached to the door. Can't grab the trigger in the dark.

    My kids are grown and gone, but you never know who will show up, including the cable guy. This is with the bed pulled away from the wall and the phone jack being replaced. Pulled the cover back for the pic, but I don't think it was ever noticed by the technician and if he did notice it, I know he wasn't going to be pawing my Glock 17. ;)

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