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    I'm thinking maybe this thread can be used for people to provide a quick bio of themselves. Please don't post any personal info on here due to security/privacy reasons.

    I'll start.

    I am an 11 year veteran of the military (still serving). I am almost 31 years old. I currently live in Montana, and I am a big supporter of the Constitution and defending those rights. I am pretty conservative, and I consider myself a realist of sorts. I am a Christian, but don't worry, I won't try to shove the Bible down your throats.

    I have been shooting firearms since I was 5 years old. I grew up in Alaska, and firearms were always a big part of my life. My professional experience in firearms is as a CQC instructor/OPFOR in the military (additional duty). I am qualified to teach everything from basic weapons handling of rifles and sidearms to advanced CQC techniques, combat movements, and urban warfare. I study firearms almost every day, and once I retire from the military I hope to be a full time civilian firearms instructor. I do not have a one favorite firearm. I make it a point to be familiar with as many types of firearms as possible in the hopes of passing that knowledge to someone that may need it.

    I am pretty open minded about learning, and I try not to be the know it all. I try my best to adapt to the changing world of firearms, and to new studies and experiences. I try to admit it when I make a mistake (I'm not always perfect in that reagard, but I'm getting

    I firmly believe that defending yourself and family is a God given right, and should not be taken lightly. My intent on this forum is to hopefully teach and inform/help those that need help. I would also like to one day be a Moderator on this forum (a secondary forum goal, I guess).

    Who's next??? :D
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    lets see
    Im 21 and have only been shooting a couple of years. my dad is responsible for getting me into it and he has made sure that i know all the ins and outs of responsible gun ownership. i have had my concealed carry for awhile now but haven't carried yet but im trying to get my setup together for it. I have recently gotten alot of crap from my friends for owning guns but im doing my best to enlighten them.
    I'm currently working as an electrician and have been for almost 3 years. its alright but im really wanting to go to school for gunsmithing. i've also thrown around the idea of going into the militairy but our new president has kinda discouraged me for the time being.
    and thats all i can really think of to write. im not too good at these kinda things

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    Retired, US Army. Several different MOS's. Was enlisted, NCO, commissioned in 1969. Basic branch Infantry.

    LEO, 11 years. Civil engineer, background in mining and explosives

    Live in the country in VA. Enjoy shooting, collecting, hunting. Have a bit of everything, but got into older Mossberg 22's, and found them addicitive. Have CCW and an 03 FFL (collector's FFL) Travel a LOT in work.

    Kids are grown, grandkids range from 3 to 27 (7 of them) Enjoy spending time with the young'uns shooting, fishing, hiking.

    Do a bit of amateur gunsmithing for self. Gardener, enjoy working towards self sufficency.