Big Woops

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by johnbrowning, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. johnbrowning

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    Went to Wally World to by grocs. and of course look at their ammo selection. Here's the oops, wow they had ammo. Thought I was buying 6 boxes 22WMR turns out they are 17 HMR. I noticed this a week later.
    Some stores I've seen posted no ammo return. I hope WW doesn't have an issue. I' ve been looking at the Fn 5.7 off and on and these rounds remind me of the FN's. If I can't take these back maybe someday a handgun will turn up with a very small muzzle that will shoot 'em. I should learn to read.
  2. BeyondTheBox

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    I can't think of a one that doesn't have that sign posted, but as long as box can be proven unopened you should be fine.

    I had a bimart take back a box of 308 they gave me for my order of 3030. I didn't notice it until I tried to chamber a round! Lol wow what a screw up that was.