big oops on my part leads to a question

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  1. REDMIST89

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    well recently,my roommate whom is on county probation till next year(meaning no guns around him) had a visit from his PO...welll my dumbass had left two boxes of 9mm ammo sitting on the coffee table..needless to say it was awkward that night,no jail time though for my friend n the PO understood that it was my ammo and my mistake..i took the asschewing from the PO when i called him to straten it all out..soo now im forced to keep my ammo in my truck,the gun stays in my truck anyway(PO said it was ok in my truck and even if my friends in my truck because its in my possession at that point) my question is,recently ive been wanting a ak47 really bad,just to mess with on weekends,no rambo ****. But im wondering if id be allowed to keep that legally in my truck? i have a PA LTCF(carry permit) but idk how accepting police would be of an assault rifle kept in the could i legally keep an ak47 in my truck with an LTCF?????

    before you say "well get a place of your own" i live 5 mins from work and most stores id need to visit so its a good local were i am now and its cheap rent so till i find a better spot im gonna stay here.
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    I believe that PA issues a license for a concealed pistol...longarms must be unloaded with or without a LTCF, note that it also says transported which suggests to me that you should be able to prove you are travelling to/from the range or hunting.

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  3. REDMIST89

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    ahhh ok looks as if i would need to keep it unloaded in my truck,if i was to leave it in there..well i planned on that anyway..a fully loaded AK in a vehicle all the time might be a bit too suspicious
  4. dog2000tj

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    why would you even consider keeping your firearms in your truck? :confused: this sounds like your roommates problem ... that could potentially become your problem should someone decide to break into your truck :(

    if you cannot remedy the roommate, wait until you can
  5. winds-of-change

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    I agree here. Someone hears you have firearms in your truck, it won't be long before they are stolen. And believe me, word will sneak out that there are firearms in your truck.
  6. REDMIST89

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    the thing is the guys like my best friend and just did some stupid ****,served his time,n is a nice guy whose kept his act should mention the apt is in his name(hence the legal issue,if my gun/ammo is in the apt its legally in his possession cuz his names on the lease), he got it and then found himself unable to afford rent alone so being the awesome guy i am and needing a place to live i moved in n split the not much remedy to the roommate situation :/ least till hes off probation early nxt yr. and ik its less than ideal but i like my guns and even making $17.20/hr i find it hard to get the cash to get/furnish an idk i'll prolly wait on the ak but damn i want one
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  7. c3shooter

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    Check with his PO- if a gun is in the apartment, but under lock and key- to which he does NOT have access, think you have met their requirements. That may be a gun lock, or a locked container. (Hard case, padlock)
  8. utf59

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    I'm with c3shooter on this one. You could even buy a locking gun cabinet. They're a lot cheaper than a full-blown gun safe, and they should satisfy the "locked away" requirement.
  9. JonM

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    you need a gun safe type device. check with the po. the feds when it comes to nfa items are satisfied with a gun safe that no one but the registered owners have access to. i dont see how thats any different for a parollee. its a lot safer with them in a more controlled area anyway

    AIKIJUTSU New Member

    Get a different room and roommate. Or live alone. You are leaving yourself vulnerable for all kinds of trouble rooming with the one you have.
  11. vincent

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    Yep,^^^ why do you want to pay for someone else's mistakes??? At the very least, make your friend pay for the storage container...
  12. KeysKelly

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    This is more a question to ask the State Attorney of your county rather than to ask for the "Expert Opinion" of all of us.

    Also if your roommate is on good terms with his PO how about asking the PO if it is legal and within the guidelines of his probation if you put a dead bolt lock on your bedroom door and keep the guns locked in a safe inside the locked bedroom with only you having the key to?

    Otherwise you have a choice to make. Give up your guns until your roommate is done with his legal problems or find a new place to live? That is a choice only you can make, not us.
  13. gollygee

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    I also think you should clear it with his PO. But worst case scenario, just wait a few more months when his probation is done.
  14. Overkill0084

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    Buy a safe and store your stuff indoors in your residence. Your going to want one eventually.
    Check the local classifieds or Craig's List or whatever. A workable cheap safe or secure storage locker needn't cost very much.
    This "store it in the car" crap is just silly.
  15. Doc3402

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    I'm sorry, but I have a huge problem with leaving firearms unattended in your truck. I understand that you feel you must do it to protect your roommate, but there are ways to secure a weapon in the house/apartment that should be acceptable to the PO. A biometeric safe is the first thing that comes to mind. Just don't enter your roommates fingerprints in it.

    Sorry. That doesn't answer your question, but being down here in Florida I would probably end up being wrong about your vehicle carry rules.
  16. phildenton

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    that is a very tough spot to be in, do you have a friend that can keep it at their place till legalities are square? otherwise i wouldnt even consider it as you could probably get in trouble for "supplying firearms to an ineligible person".