Big Doe Killed With A Muzzleloader

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by alsaqr, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. alsaqr

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    Distance: 50- 60 yards
    Attitude: Quartering to
    Gun: TC .54 Fire Hawk
    Bullet: 250 grain SST
    Powder: 100 grains of Black MZ
    Cap: Remington #11

    After spending a few hours in a blind i went over the ridge to the cotton field hoping to see some hogs. Saw two does and a fawn about 150 yards away and put a stalk on them. Came to the head of the gully and saw this big doe standing in the cotton field. Got a rest on a fence post and fired. Saw one doe and the fawn take off. Went into the cotton field and found the big doe dead in her tracks.

    It you gotta drag a good sized deer 100 yards up hill do it before you turn 78 years old.

  2. locutus

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    Looks like some good venison in your freezer Al.
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    Thats a good size doe for sure. 78 and still drug it up a hill. your doing good for your age.
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