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    Just wonder because I am researching for my next handgun purchase, which would be better? I haven't ever owned a .45 and have limited experience with them and not a great deal of experience with any handgun for that matter. My brother has a Mark III and I love the way it shoots and feels. I once had a S&W 410 but it was a disaster. It jammed a lot and shot inconsistantly to say the least. I figured since the round was .40 S&W that S&W would make a good gun to shoot it out of. I was really disappointed. I was reading up on the .45 in some of these forums and it seems that .45's have some problems with certain types of ammo and require some work to be made reliable? I don't want a gun that jams or one that has to be worked on a lot to be made accurate or reliable. A gun that will be good out of the box. Basically good price, accuracy, and reliability. I was thinking about either BHP pros or cons to either of those or Colt 4691, Springfield G.I. lightweight champ 4", or Charles Daly EMS 4". :confused: ANY SUGGESTIONS???
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    Search my posts from the past couple of weeks regarding my Kimber.

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    The Charles Daly EMS is a fine gun I know I have one


    Problem is Daly recently parted company with Armscor and who they will have making their new line or what guns it will have is anyones guess at this point .

    Armscor has the same gun available designated as their RIA Mid size with a bull barrel , mine has the traditional bushing setup .

    1911's even from big name company's often suffer from a simple problem or two , 1) the extractor not being adjusted correctly at the factory and the ramp and throat areas not being as smooth as they should .

    This is often not the case but when it is you can either send them back for warranty repair or just have a local Smith make the needed corrections for very little cost involved and you'll have a gun that is 100% reliable .

    Armscor/RIA has an excellent customer service repair reputation and the President of American Sales frequents gun forums to make sure his products make people happy .

    Go to some of the 1911 forums and look for Ivan or Blackdragon two of the names he goes by .

    The President of Charles Daly "Michael Kassner" also has a presence on a few forums and is dedicated to providing quality products "especially 1911's" to the American public .

    I gave $500 for my EMS new and it has proven to be every bit as nice a gun as a Colt Combat Commander I owned 20 years ago .

    The reputation of unreliable 1911's started when hollow points began being popular and they often had too aggressive of a design for the feed ramps with too sharp of an edge around the hollow portion of the bullet .

    The vast majority of bullet designs have been "Toned down" and most 1911 makers now do at least a little polishing on the ramps and throats .
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    The 1911. There are other pistol types out there? :eek:

    RIA is making a good unit, for the money. I personally feel the best bang for the buck is coming from Kimber, on their entry level guns. They Custom shop stuff is a little pricey - but all their products are good. I have owned three, and still own two of them.

    Taurus PT 1911 is one you might consider as well. Taurus has some haters on line, but they are turning out a good 1911 with their new CNC machining facility and they offer a true lifetime warranty. I have played with their stuff at SHOT and have been impressed with the fit and finish for the price they are asking.

    But, as with all gun purchases, you should probably go and shoot a few before you make up your mind.

    For me, personally, the 1911 is where it's at. I can't see myself ever being without one since I became a convert. :D



    1911a1 Vs Bhp?

    Hello all


    Well, Gee, isn't this a conflict, you want us to Pick between two of John Brownings Finest Works? Hmm, I am a Poor Person to ask? I have Never made the Chose,m I did what so many have done, I got one of each? LOL I'm not really stuck On Brands, I have a Clone of the 1911A1 in a Rock island Arsenal Basic Gov MNodel and a M-95 Classic Clone f the MK3 BHP! I've seen a use and reason for Having both over the years! I prefer a 1911A1 in 45ACP, now that I'm retired and carry a Pistol on my CCW, I do alrernate between a 1911A1 and my Clone of the BHP! No real reason why , I just do! I like the Fit, Feel and Firing of a Colt Clone1911A1 in 45ACP, though over the years I've had one in 38 Super, as well as 9MM Luger as wel I prefer the handgun in 45ACP, when I am here inthe states and the ammo is not a consideration for re-supply! When I was still in the Military and Deloyed so many times oversea's I did Prefer a 9MM Luger, for reasons of Paerts, ammo resupply and NON US recognition! I carred a BHP over 20 or my 24 Years in and even after the Military adopted the M-9 Beretta I did pick and use my BHP on many Ops that the CO would allow me to do so! I always felt well equipt with the BHP and never less than my 1911! Just this mans opinion, byt Why only pick 1?? LOL This is America, and we can have both and the $ are not that bad on either or both of them! If I had to cloose, Why I'd Buy the 1911A1 first, then a BHP, spare me the Glock and SIG arguments I know these two handguns, have spare parts, will be able to replace most anything that goes wrong, can all you say that of your Glock and SIG? Just my Opinion, (Mine is rarely Humble) but why only 1?
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    I know I'm new here but I urge you to take a close look at Kimber. I know they are a little pricey but you can not beat them. first of all, they are built to such tight tolerances that accuracy is awesome. Second, each pistol goes through 200 Quality control stations (human and mechanical) before it ever leaves the manufactor. If you took a basic level 1911, and put all the work in it to get up to Kimber speed, you might as well just go for an all out custom. with every step in price you get way more extras than what you could do aftermarket. And it comes already put together and fit instead of having to get a Smith to fit every thing together. As for feeding problems on any 1911. Put a couple boxes of FMJ's through it first, than hit it with the HP. You shouldnt have a problem after. If you do Kimber to has a very good customer service.
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    One thing to consider if and when you get a 1911 no matter if it is a $400 RIA or a $1,000 Kimber .

    If on your first range trip you get some failures to feed don't freek out and start cussing the gun and the maker , it could be as simple as the magazine not being compatable to the gun .

    I know that sounds odd but even with a high dollar magazine like a Wilson certain guns wont run well .

    All I can guess at is that that particular magazine presents the rounds at a angle that is slightly off for the angle in which the feed ramp was cut .

    I have heard of this happening with the best of guns and magazine combos .

    Switch magazines and presto problem gone and gun runs 100% .

    I know it sounds like a crappy deal but thats the way it often is and the flip side is you could get a gun that works with darn near anything .

    My Dalys run fine with elchepo Promags "$9 a mag", MecGars and of course the Wilson 47D's I just had to try and my Colt I use to have ran perfect with $5 surplus mags .
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    I say kimber and thats all I have to say.:D
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    I have lots of pistols-- Glocks, Walthers, Berettas, Sigs, but nothing feels better in my hands better than 1911-- however they are unforgiving-- any limp wristing and you're going to have a failure. Improper grip and your going to have issues--