BG 380 issues??

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    Actually I think I've got it figured out so this is more or less some observations on just my BG 380.

    Got the gun back in June and really like it, for a number of reasons. Ran a good 350 to 400 rounds through it and it was flawless. These 350 to 400 rounds were a combination of Winchester White Box, PMC Bronze, Hornady Critical defense and Remington UMC. Never any FTE, FTF (either type), slide lock back…nothing.

    Then I bought some Herters and after 1 or 2 mags I started to get failure to fire (light strike?). Had about 5 of these in 2 straight mags so I put them away and chalked it up to the ammo. Got some MagTech and got through about 20-25 rounds flawlessly then…the same thing. The round will fire on the second strike but I was really disappointed. Now it’s not just some potentially bad ammo but the light strike problem, which I’ve heard of being an issue with the BG in the past. I have also heard people say though that their particular gun can be ammo sensitive so I got some more WWB and took it out yesterday.

    Went through a box, again, with no issues at all. Even shot a few more Hornady’s through it with the same results. I’m figuring maybe I just have one of those guns that can be a bit fussy with ammo – which I can live with if it just means that I only buy certain types. I still don’t like the light strike thing and will at some time do something with the firing pin and spring set-up but ‘til then I feel pretty OK with the ammo that I currently have in stock.

    Just my ramblings but, hey…maybe it’ll spur some thought, somewhere.
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    I have also had a tough time with Mag Tech ammo and my BG380... I have never tried Herters in my BG... Although it runs fine tbrough my Berreta Px4. The good news is I have about 600rds of various ammo through my BG and no other issues at all. A quick search of the web shows Mag Tech having some of the. Hardest primers around.. no fret unlesz you start having other problems