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    They are a new startup that put up a website November 2013. Although the prez sounds like a good fellow, he cannot seem to train his customer service or IT people to do right. Their site did not work properly on Google Chrome for me (would not let me register). At least one of their customer service people is so arrogant as to suggest she knows more than God and since their website said they could not ship bullets to the restricted state of Ohio, I was not going to get my order. And she refused to check with someone else or even give me a supervisor to help them understand the website error. To top it off, I was not allowed to ship to an address other than my credit card - even after the owner went on another forum in Dec 2013 and apologized, saying their customer service people were wrong to say this. Well, here it is over 1/2 a year later and they still say no. Reading the customer service person The owners post started a 3 day phone back and forth argument that included Ax personally telling them they had info wrong, to which they continued to say they were right and I had no idea where I really lived or what my address was on my credit card. Eventually they wore down and supposedly my mediocre $.09/round .22LRs are 'supposed' to ship tomorrow.

    Just a heads up: Buyer beware....
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    0 is a subsidiary of Grizzly Industries. It is a big company. I'm assuming that .22 you bought is Norma TAC. It is midrange European match ammo designed for heavy barreled single shot bolt rifles. It is heavily lubed for accuracy and it delivers at a great price for match ammo. It is just as slimy as Wolf MT and SK Standard+.

    I know it will cycle in a 10/22. No guarantees in anything else. It can gum up magazines. It really wasn't designed to be used in any magazine that is not a single stack. It is definitely not for plinking. It is great for bench shooting and competition.