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    Customer service is NONexistant. They take your money via credit card and that is it! NO printable summary of your purchase for your records. NO " out of stock" notifications, NO "item shipped" notification, NO expected delivery date notification....and get this.....NO REFUNDS. After talking to the guy today on the phone, he has a very " too bad for you" attitude. You will get it when you get it. If then. They took $220.xx and I just sit here and wait. If any items re out of stock...too bad, you will never know. They just take your money and that is that. They do not give refunds, even though the MC/VISA link they have says " SATISFATION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK"

    They advertise LC 69 3006 cleaned, deprimed, and crimp removed brass for sale. One the phone they had no idea if it was even in stock. He said he might have some " in the barn", but no idea if it was shipped and if it was even there.

    This crap is not what I am used to in ordering item on-line in the firearms industry. I have ordered from people all the time and have gotten all of the info this guy does not bother with. is a crap shoot when ordering. You might get it or you might not, and if not....... NO REFUND!!!!!!!!

    VISA... NOW REQUIRES THE CARD TO BE CANCELLED AND A LOCAL POLICE REPORT BEFORE THEY WILL ISSUE A REFUND. Just wanted to alert everyone about this. We have to police our own community.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Sucks that you had to find out the way you did, but I appreciate your looking out for the rest of us.

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    Thanks for the heads up dude. I have never heard of them before, but I will definitely keep an eye out for them.

    Sorry about the hassle and the loss bro - but what bank are you banking with? My Visa got compromised bigtime when I went on a cruise last year and it was a 10 minute phone call to get the whole thing straightened out. Had to fill out a form they mailed me, but I certainly didn't need to jump through all the hoops you are having too. That royally sucks!
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    If you call visa/ mastercard they will be forced to refund your money. Been there done that.
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    I have to question how legitimate your whole rant is based on this because I know it's not true at all. Just recently had to dispute something with Visa and didn't have to do anything like this to get my money back.
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    MY wife had to get call her cc company to get a refund. We didn't have to file with the police.

    I would go to the post office and file mail fraud charges call him back and cancel my order and tell him to give me my money back. If he refused that go to the police and report the theif. Call your credit card company and tell them that he did not uphold his end he is refusing to refund his money and you want your money back I am sure they can charge him for it and give you your money back.
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    Thank You For The INFO

    Thank you for providing us with this vital information. I am sorry you took a hit in order for us to learn about it. I wish you the best in getting your money back. What you say is true about canceling the card and police report. A friend purchased a EBay item and used his card to pay, and the shipper I think was overseas in the Far East and he never did get the item he paid for. When he contacted his card server he was told he would need to first cancel the card, this would stop the person from using it again or possibly selling the card number to other crooks and then he would ned to have a Police report on file. He did this was refunded right away without any hassel. I guess what with the way the housing industry has taken a plunge and credit getting tight, I guess the banks are trying to cover every angle. There are webs sites where hackers go and sell other folks credit cards and as soon as one is sold you see a bunch of stuff bought by many different people until the card is maxed out. I saw this on Dateline, so don't think I use this type of site. I will admit I tried to find a site like this, but was unable to do so. I guess my x's and o's were used wrong.
    Anyway thank you again for passing on this info. I will write their name in my book so that I will not be doing any business with them. Take care my friend and may GOD watch over and bless you and your family and keep everyone of you safe and well everyday of the coming storm!
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    i see they have listed EQUIFAX at the bottom, file a complaint with them that will have a bearing on his credit rating. take it to them where it hurt, same place as you, THE POCKETBOOK! Good Luck!
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    I hate how people jump on the bandwagon online when a single person reports an issue with a Vendor.

    Take what people say with a grain of salt. There are always two sides to the story.

    This person came on this forum just to post this and never came back.

    Who knows how legitimate, if at all he is, for all you all could be concerned he could be a competitor.