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    Not to discuss this firearm other than to say I love the price, size, accuracy and magazine capacity, in 3.5 barrel variant. Don't care for frame problems (not arguing great bang for buck here and excellent lifetime warranty to original owner ) and really hard to rack unless pull hammer back first. Also don't care for redundant safeties. Question is, for similar specs, better frame, easier to rack, what would you recommend in similarly sized 10 round semi auto even for more money? Love Beretta futuristic looking 22 but too big even w/4.5 barrel. Let the discussion begin!!!
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    The Beretta is nice but lacks an extractor. Or the Colt Jr and Astra Cub in 22 short. All made of steel or aluminum alloy sans the zinc which softens these Phoenix, and the like, to a point of lesser quality.

    That said, the Phoenix really is hard to beat. Very reliable if right ammo used. Even has aftermarket part to give it last round slide lock, which is a huge feature for me. Also has windage adjustable rear sight. I would call it the most feature packet 22 pocket pistol made. I own one, love it once I did the necessary buffing of feedramp & Chamber. It also prefers to be pretty dry in most places. Light lube on rails and chamber, but nothing much else. If you get any lube around or in the firing pin assembly or extractor it will jam constantly or fail to fire.

    That Zamak, however, is so soft they have to make the gun's made of them thicker with it, makes it heavier. The HP22 is 20 Dang ounces. Most alloy 9mm aren't that heavy. Yikes!
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