better choice marlin xl7 or savage for deer hunting

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    i am currently delyed and im looking for a good deer rifle..i havent gotten out much the past three years due to being in the army and havent really caught up on the new rifles..but im getting out after this deployment..the college im going to has alot of public hunting looking for something i can just pick up and go with a coupe buddies on the fly (after a good sight in)..obviously im trained in taking a 300m/about 275 yard shotwith a m4 with an acog..which if you ever get the chance avoid acogs my opinion they are useless after 100 meteres ..just not acurate..ive read up alot and all i see is the remington 770 is surprise there with new ownership in the last few years..and ive read alot of good things about the marlin xl7 and the new savage deer looking for something under $500..and indiana deer hunting is mostly done in light -mildly dense looking for opinions on which rifle would be better suited for 150 yd shots and below..with a good barrel weight..and any opions on scopes under $200..hope i gave enough info..and i you can please send out a care package for a soldier this holiday season..i know a few battle buddy;s out here who have no family and arent recieving any care packages..theyd appreciate it..
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    30-30 with lever revolution ammo would do trick

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    Welcome to the forum. I second the 30-30 not sure about the bilistic tips im a silvertip, power point guy
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    13Bravo, first of all welcome to the forum and stop over in the intro section and say hello. second, thank you for your service to our country, it's much appreciated.

    first of all, i have owned and still own a Savage, and they are great rifles, really don't have anything bad to say about them. they are very accurate, very well made and have an excellent reputation. IMO, they would be a fine choice. but i also own three Marlin X7's and prefer them over the Savages. IMO, and these are my opinions, observations and experiances with both. the X7's are just a little more value for the features you get and just a little more accurate tahn the Savages. i prefer the way the X7 shoulders better and this could be why it's more accurate for me. as said this is just my perspective on them.

    either one you decide on would be an excellent choice. try them both out. Marlin is bringing out new cartridges for the X7.
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    I have to say that the Marlin XL7 is about the best deal going in a bolt action. I have one in .25-06 and I didn't expect a lot from such an inexpensive gun when I first got it. But, it will shoot one hole groups w/ my handloads. One of the most accurate rifles I own.
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    Xl7 chambered in 270 with a Burris 3x9x50 scope would be my choice. With this setup taking a deer up to 300 yards is effortless.
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    Just an observation, but I was in Walmart today and there was no 308 ammo or 223 for that matter. There was 270 and some other typical hunting rounds. With the current ammo situation I would look to the 270 for a hunting cartridge. It is one of the most popular out there for deer and elk. Strangely they had quite a bit of 45-70 at $35/20 and only 1 box of 30-30.
  8. John_Deer

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    You can still find milsurp ammo for a 30/06 that is reasonably priced. The 30/06 is versatile. If you reload all components are easy to find for a 30/06. I have hunted with a 30/06 for over 30 years. I never have problems finding ammo, even at country stores and hardware stores.
  9. bamashooter68

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    I second this post. The .270 is a deer killing machine and has the capability to reach on out there.
  10. jpattersonnh

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    OK, We have heard about the .270, .30-06 and big Bell scopes before. I would suggest you check out the used racks. Since hunting season is ending there are lots of great deals on lightly used hunting rifles. Many are purchased, fired at the range a few times and never see the field. You can get a complete rifle and scope for under $600.00, but don't be stuck on any particular caliber. I'm not a fan of big bell scopes either. VG glass w/ a 42mm objective is more than you'll ever need. For 300 and below I use a strait 4x32mm on a 6.5x55. Even my 7mm Rem Mag wears a 2-10x38mm. No need to carry something that can get hung up in the woods. It is really important that a scope has the ability for close shots as most whitetail are harvested under 75 yards.
    Now just to clarify, I have nothing against the .30-06 or .270, they are just not my cup of tea. Instead of a .30-06 I use an 8x57, its' Father. Instead of the .270, I use a 6.5x55.
    One thing you often hear is that you need a heavy bullet for woods. A complete myth. A .257 Roberts would be a great cartridge for the OP's needs. He could hunt from varmints to Black bear. The .25-06 has a little more punch then the Roberts and I think is more versitile than the .270. JMHO, not a flame. Both use the .30-06 case as their parent. .257 Roberts is a great cartridge overall. Very similar to the 6.5x55 in many respects. It is based on the 7x57 w/ a 20 degree shoulder. W/ a 117 SST it is capible of shoots within 400 yards for whitetail w/ a qaulity bullet. The .243 is a good choice also. My favorite is the 6.5x55. The 129gr Hornady SST is hard to beat. Even a 129 or 139..140gr sp will do the job nicely.
    For 100 yards or less I still prefer open sights. My 1943 M46b Husqvarna in 9.3x57 w/ a 285gr cast lead or 286gr partition is a thumper. No real felt recoil, and enough enegy to drop a grizzly at 100 yards. It is cheap to reload for and very accurate, smooth as glass. I also have been useing a Model 92 clone in .44-40. Great 100 yard rifle w/ 205gr soft points. There are so many options out there it is like going to Baskins and Robbins, don't get vanilla.

    OK, for my Model 1600 Husqvarna in 6.5x55, I paid 360.00, 1943 Husqvarna in 9.3x57, 320.00.

    Marlin makes a VG rifle as does Savage. My Savage 110 in 7mm Rem Mag looks like a 2x4, but when you shoulder it and shoot it it is awesome. I know where a g series 110 is in 7 MM rem mag is that is still new. Needs a front sight blade as they were shipped without them. $3.99 from Brownells. $275.00 + shipping. My suggestion is look around and handle a few. How a rifle shoulders is more important then caliber and trigger. JMHO|Make_3=Savage Arms
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    A Marlin 1895GBL 45/70
  12. John_Deer

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    The Ruger American is another gun I would have a look at. It's a nice gun for the price. Walmarts in this area have the American for around $350. I have shot a Marlin X gun a lot but the one I have been shooting is a 22 wmr. It is very accurate. If I miss a coyote it is not the guns fault.
  13. WhelanLad

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    +1 for the Marlin!

    but half a point for a 2nd hand rifle that you may know a bit about eg friends friend with a good reputation for light use of the rifle eg sight in an do a few seasons.
    an be slightly more open about calibre.
  14. Muliemaster

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    Marlin here as well savage is not the only accurate gun, the end.
  15. keymastr5912

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    last summer i bought my youngest a marlin 270. i had intended to get him a savage. the savages were on sale for 240 and the marlin was an even 300. after handleing them both i settled on the marlin. it just felt alot nicer in the hands and when shouldered. it shoots fine. you will probably be happy with either one.