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    Im Looking for input towards the BETA C-MAG. "The BETA MAG is a revolutionary twin-drum high-capacity magazine for 5.56mm, 9mm and 7.62mm rifles, light support and other specialized weapons. C-MAG has a 60,000-round service life, stores indefinitely while loaded without performance loss and requires no maintenance other than cleaning and lubrication." Caption provided by:

    I have an M1A socom2 with a Vltor M1s-1e modstock and am buliding it to be my "SH*t has hit the fan," weapon system. I am holding back no expense towards this weapon and want the best and most reliable. I chose the M1A weapon sytem for its unrelenting reliability, durability and simple fact that they are built to last. So.... has anyone had, shot or have had any type of first hand experience with the BETA C-MAG? Talk to your friends, get the word around. Im looking for alternatives to the BETA as well, But am mostly interested in the "higher capacity mags and drums.

    Thanks, STANDARD

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    I have never heard any complaints about the C-mags

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    The real beta mags work well. The knockoff copies not so much
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    i've owned a beta C for about 8 years now & never had any problems what so ever out of it...maybe shot 13000 rds w/it.

    i'd just rather use the 20/30 rounders,so i dont get carried away in 100rd mag dumps:D

    As for the knock-off betas,90rd snail drums,ect..i dont know of anyone that has used them.

    Armatec makes a very nice 150rd dual drum mag for the ar dont know if they make any in 7.62x51?...though to me the beta is heavy enough w/100rds:)
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    The image shown is straight off the BETA site. Hopefeully I can ensure I get the real thing by placing the order via Phone call instead of online. Thanks again guys. I'll give it a few more days for any last suggestions or concers regarding the BETA C-MAG. Otherwise I'm more or less settled with the one shown. As for dumping munitions..... Note taken. Maybe one or two full drums jsut to get it out of my system..