Best Weapon and Caliber

Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by mightymouse, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. mightymouse

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    Which do you consider the best weapon and caliber for CC?
  2. guns4fun

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    Wow, that's a loaded question. I say whatever you can conceal and what ever round you can shoot well---9mm and up. I don't consider any caliber under 9mm to be a good choice but i guess it would be better than nothing.

    I like a g19 in an iwb holster or an xd-45 compact in an iwb holster.

  3. ChrisMoore

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    I agree with guns4fun. Carry what you are comfortable and confident with that has sufficient stopping power to get the job done. That's not to say a .22 wont kill a person, it really comes down to shot placement, but big holes are better than small holes and more holes are better than less holes!

    I carry a Springfield Armory 1911 EMP on my strongside (3 O'Clock) in a Don Hume I.W.B. holster, with two spare magazines in my weakside rear pocket loaded with Winchester Ranger SXT ammo, a SureFire Lumamax L1 Flashlight in my weakside front pocket, a Cold Steel Recon 1 - Spear Point Fighting Folder in my strong side front pocket and a head full of knowledge backed with a good combat mindset! And, I train with my tools an average of 20 hours a week.

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  4. Varro

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    In my case it's dependent upon a number of variables..The time of year where choice of apparel becomes an important factor dictating the location of the weapon and the caliber...
    Another factor is one's disposition....Lugging 3 lbs around your waist or sticking something smaller in your pocket comes into play when thinking about where will you be: walking, at work, at the park, mall, etc.
    If I know I & my loved ones will be returning to a parked vehicle late at night; I usually will have an Officer's .45 strapped somewhere....:)
  5. Spartan

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    best weapon

    I am a sig man, so i would have to say that sigs are pretty much the best for anything, though i do carry my XD more than i do my sig for concealed purposes. lol, though there are a few in this forum that would lean towards the glock for the same purpose, apparently because the XD resembles legos assembled by down syndrome people or some crap like that lol. go xd, you cant lose, you'd get killed carrying a glock. case in point, we had 10 officers issued the glock as a service weapon, 9 of them swapped out immediately and qualified with their own weapons. guess who is still around and who isnt.
  6. Dgunsmith

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    Benchmark: 45acp

    Everything is benchmarked or compared to 45acp for stopping power.

    Its not the number of beans you can launch but the quality hits that end the confrontation.

    IWB holsters conceal the best and are comfortable...Milt Sparks Summer Special is superb !

    Choice of firearm: something you can shoot well with.

    Considerations: Weight...SIG/Glock/Scandium S&W are lighter to carry but may have slightly more recoil impulse....doesnt matter in an encounter...the fact that you were carrying make the difference.

    Fanny Packs: Comfortable but you are not fooling anyone ...may have a deterant factor to crooks, alert factor to Police Officers !

    JMHO....9 works, 40S&W most carried by LEO's, 45acp by shootists !:eek: