Best Way to Carry Handgun in Kayak?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by gunsmithy, May 22, 2007.

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    I do some canoing and kayaking in lakes and rivers, and often carry a handgun. Especially in rivers, there's always a fair chance of an unplanned swim. I usually carry a handgun buried in a zip lock bag or two, in the bottom of a waterproof river pack that is connected either to me or the boat. This generally keeps it safe, but is not very accessible. I also tend to bring an inexpensive gun that I wouldn't feel TOO bad about losing (like a Makarov - I have several Bulgarians I picked up when they were cheap). I'm planning another river trip in a few weeks, and am thinking that I'd like to find a better way to carry my gun. Anyone know of a waterproof holster or pouch that would work for this? I'm thinking of upgrading to a stainless Taurus Millenium Pro .40 for this purpose. The Safepacker looks interesting, though it doesn't look waterproof. Maybe with a stainless and polymer gun, I should just not worry about it getting wet and just dry it at the end of the day. Suggestions?
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    I don't have an answer for you, but I know I'd feel very sad to lose my Bulgy Mak!

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    A kydex holster will hold up well to water. Lube a stainless pistol, with lithium grease and you should be fine.Electro nickel plating may be something to look at as well. It does very good against water.
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    I guess it depends on how accessable you need it. Rolled up in a SeaLine baja bag should keep it plenty waterproof and it would float if tossed overboard. If you want to have quick access to it while paddling (there's a new Olympic sport! Canoe shooting.) I'd pick up a used compact Glock or similar polymer frame handgun with good coatings and just make sure you lube it plenty.

    The Makarovs rust so darn quick I avoid taking mine anywhere other than to the range.
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    the idea of my weapon not readily accessible and stuffed into a zip lock back is frightening to me. i know that there are options available in regards to water proof carrying, or at least water resistant. i know that military pilots have certain options that allow for water resistance due to the off chance that they may eject into water. but the lubing and kydex is a good idea, personally i would rather have the weapon accessible then not. also, in such cases, look at what you carry, and possibly consider carrying something different, such as a polymer framed weapon. less metal. take a look at the torture tests on the weapons, by far i find that XD exceeds them all, i wouldnt question the ability of the weapon to be fired coming directly out of the water.