Best tactical stock for 10/22

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    My latest build is a 10/22 (carbine) that I'm going to go with a tactical look. I've had the trigger, barrel and bolt worked on by Connecticut Precision Chambering. I had Randy from CPC do a full tune up on it.

    He set the trigger at 1.9 LB pull, over travel and anti creep screw, Auto bolt release and oversize receiver pins installed.

    The barrel breech end is setback .187 to .250", chamber shortened, recut barrel shank oversize to fit receiver perfect
    Reams the chamber until high end 22LR ammo sticks lightly
    Chamber polish
    Recut extractor groove
    New spacer into barrel lock cut
    Cut recessed target crown
    Stone slide area receiver
    Recut and square to .920
    Muzzle end of barrel threaded

    Bolt is disassembled, cleaned and deburred
    Bolt face squared and ground to .0425"
    Bolt side jeweled
    Hole EDMed and stainless pin pressed to hold firing pin from rising

    Kidd muzzle break added
    CPC fiberglass bolt buffer
    Kidd auto bolt release

    Randy at CPC does excellent work and makes a good OE rifle a great shooter and also more reliable. Now I'm looking for a good stock to bed it in. I've been looking at the Troy T22, ATI , Christie super stock, Choate M4, Nordic and PRO Mag Archangel.

    I like the aluminum over the polymer but either one will work fine. Not looking for a thumb stock and this is going to be a plinker to take with my other firearms to the range to have fun with.

    Any info or reviews on any of the above or others not mentioned would be great.