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  1. stalkingbear

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    I'm sure that most people will disagree with me but I feel that a .22 magnum makes the ideal(actually there are NO ideal all purpose everything rifles)survival rifle. Before yall get the noose or cross out let me explain. I hunt edible small game with a .22 mag and solid fmj bullets. I've discovered that a .22 mag fmj bullet leaves exactly wound channel as a .22lr with hollow point but with more penetration and range. For close range varmits,(up to 150 yards) the .22 mag with hollow pointed bullets do a dandy job. I've even shot deer (crop protection and culling) with the .22 mag and it drops them like a rock with head shot. The .22 mag has snake shot that is lethal on snakes within 9-12 feet also.
    You can carry enough .22 mag ammo to feel guilty,most firearms chambered in this cartridge are reasonably accurate,and ammo is reasonably priced. I've said my reasons that I think what makes a good survival gun,let's hear yall's.
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    Although I will agree with you overall, I think your deer are small... :) I certainly would not call the .22 Mag rounds to be inexpensive, they are not too bad. Yep, a pretty decent round. I have switched in recent years from that to the .17HMR, and for what I use it for, I like it better. Not the best survival round though.

    For a survival gun, I would prefer a H&R Handi Rifle in .22 Hornet. A little more power, and I can reload it to what I want it to do. They are great simple rifles. Even one in .223 and some custom loads that are on the light side would do pretty good as well.


  3. BayAreaTactical

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    Have you checked out the Henry U.S. Survival rifle? It is small, compact and will fit in a backpack.
  4. bkt

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    I bought one recently. So far, so good. You can put about 100 rounds through it before it starts jamming up pretty good, so you'll have to keep it very clean. After a cleaning, it's fine again.

    If you want a really compact rifle, this is a good choice. But I'd sure rather have my AR with me than this thing in most situations. Still, anything is better than nothing.
  5. stalkingbear

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    Survival rifle

    Ideally,what I'm talking about is a take down version rifle whereas you will enjoy better accuracy than if from handgun. The ar-7s I've witnessed over the years ain't reliable. I'm basically referring to winchester 9422m,brno 611, among other top quality rifles. Sure they cost and weigh more,but if MY life depends on it-I'm getting the best I can.
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    Survival Rifle

    Stalking Bear; I think your Dead on, In my opinion the 22 Mag is one of the finest hunting rounds out there, as you said you can carry a boat load of ammo, and are more than fairly priced, compared to other centerfire rounds, there is no need to look for spent brass, the range is more than adequit, there is barly any recoile to deal with, the report is quite quiet, and in a quality rifle is deadly accurate, as you stated there is no one good survival gun as you are more than likly to encounter many differant sineros for diferant applications so to fill the gap something for longrange and a shotgun would be a must, but if I had to pick one and start walking in any one direction it would be the 22MAG HANDS DOWN!!!
  7. matt g

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    If I were in a dire situation, I'd want something heavy like an RPK, M60, or M240B. I've humped ammo before and I'm not afraid of doing it again. A burst from a belt fed machine gun will take down anything, short of a heavily armored vehicle.

    For game, in a survival situation, blood shot meat isn't going to be an issue. The larger round and high ammo capacity will allow to take a lot of meat in a short period of time. If you were to rake a herd of large game with a burst, you'd have enough meat to feed a small group of people for a month or so. This would free up everyone in the group to concentrate on other important things like shelter and water.
  8. Achilles2107

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    One up to that!

    The origin of civilizations were the result of a constant food source, giving more time to do things like manufacture guns, and make a government to make them illegal. :D

    Can't say much on the topic, however.
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    I am surprised that no one has gotten the hangman's noose! (the topic is always an opionated one for sure). Good mental exercise though.
    Depends on what kind of "survival" we are talking I guess. My daily survival gun is a Kimber Pro Carry 1911. If it was a matter of surviving in the woods and trying to eat, think I would opt for my 870 (I know you asked specifically about a rifle, but I think this is the answer to the apologies if I stray);) . Slug to bird to buck, about as versatile as one can get in a single package. Somewhere in between the daily survival and the live off the land spectrum is the survival of the 2 legged threat (aka Katrina). Long gun with high mag capacity and common ammo. 2 choices here, 223 or 308. Neither are cheap anymore as we all know:(

  10. mrwatch

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    I have an New England arms break open in 410-45 Colt long. Just remove the choke. Found it at a garage sale in the box for $75. No rear sight though as it realy is a shotgun. Stores extra rounds in the stock.
  11. Old Soldier

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    Well as has been said there really is NO miracle rifle that will do every thing. My "survival" weapons are Browning 22 cal rifle, AR-15 with lots of magazines, M-1 Grand that I was "raised" on as a teen-ager and used it in Korea, Viet-Nam and I can attest that it did the "job" and along with AP ammo, and last but not least my Remington 870 "Police" shotgun with 00 Buck :) .
  12. Charliebonz

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    A good mental exercise!

    Reckon if I had to narrow down to one gun, it'd probably be a pump 12 gauge shotgun with 20 to 24 inch barrel. It'll take shot for birds & small game, buckshot or slugs for larger game and protection from carnivores and 2 legged varmits.

    If I had to choose a rifle, it'd be a bolt gun in .223. Loaded down to 22LR velocities or 22Mag velocities for small game, full power loads with heavier bullets, 65 to 70 grains for up to deer size game.

    I don't have one, but have often considered a Savage model 24F that, like a drilling, has both a shotgun barrel and a rifle barrel. I think they still come in 12 or 20 gauge with a choice of rimfire or centerfire rifle in different calibers.

    Just my 2 cents!:)
  13. Bonoman6969

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    I have been thinking about this alot and If I had to choose 1 and only 1 firearm it would be an AR15. Its light weight, Extremly acurate, great for hunting and self defence, Rugged. Not to mention ammo readily available.

    WILDCATT Guest

    rifle only one

    a Marlin 60.ammo is every where. gun is reliable can kill deer if you hit it right. and in this kind of situation you will learn to carry far more ammo it might not be good on bear but you would learn to avoid
    confrontations.and you dont want to announce your presence.
    I still like my M1 and the AR15 and carbine.:)
  15. MarkoPo

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    Wow I thought this was going ot be a AR-15 vs AK47 thread. Since I only own 2 long guns, a Ruger 10/22 and a SKS, I would have to take my chances with my SKS. It has a 30 round clip for optimal capacity. It is fairly accurate up to 150 yards. Can take down deer easily and wouldn't tear a rabbit apart with a well placed shot. I wouldn't be afraid of coming across a bear either. I don't hardly anything could survive 15-20 well placed shots with a SKS, short of a rhino or elephant. But nothing in the USA at least. The .22 would be ok for small game, nothing bigger then a coyote, but wouldn't cut it if self defense ever came into play.
  16. bgeddes

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    If it was a bad guy situation, I'm with Matt on the M60 boat. Long range, lots of lead in a hurry, and reliable.
    Otherwise, 95% of the lost in the woods scenarios could be dealt with in .22 cal or some sort. Lightweight ammo so you'll carry it, and accurate enough to feed you. Middle ground, or unknown, I take a commonly chambered arm. SKS, AK or AR in the typical 7.62 or 5.56. Enough stopping power for two legged predators, combined with the ability to deliver quickly to multiple targets.
  17. Flint Rock

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    Marlin 1894C

    If limited to one rifle I choose a Marlin 1894C in .357 magnum. Ammo is easy to find or reload, cheap, and effective against most things. I have used a .38 Special load to take rabbits (no kidding) and a .357 Magnum load (180 grain) to take deer. Plus we all know that the .357 has few peers when it comes to dealing with two legged problems!!!;) Light, fast handling, good capacity, low recoil and low noise signature, and accurate enough to do the job at hand.:cool:
  18. robocop10mm

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    Some would say that a tubular magazine weapon is a poor choice in a survival situation. If the mag tube gets dented, you are screwed. I don't necessarily agree with that as the tube mag rifles were put through a lot of abuse in the "Old West" and seemed to do well. It is a valid point (IMHO) but not a huge concern.
  19. preventec47

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    Nearly everyone has ignored the weight of ammo. If you want to carry
    thousands of rounds to last the longest, the only thing that makes
    sense is a single shot .223 with a cartridge adapter that would let
    you shoot 22 long rifle bullets. Carry a hundred .223 bullets for
    deer and occasional man defense and one thousand 22 rimfire
    long rifle and one thousand 22 rimfire short bullets.

    If defense against man were the priority ( lets face it if you cant
    survive near term encounters then food in the future wont
    be an issue) If that be the case forget the 22 rimfire and
    carry a few hundred rounds of 223 and get the lightweight folding
    Keltec 223 semi auto that uses M-16 magazines.
    Anyone that suggests carrying shotgun ammo is nuts and any
    ammo heavier than 223 is excess.
  20. jeepejeep

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    To me there's nothing more versitile than a good 12 gauge shotgun. You can hunt anything from bears to bunnies,great manstopper, ammo is a bit bulky and heavy but I'll deal with that. With 2 barrels, a rifled barrel for slugs and a smooth bore barrel with interchangable chokes, you have all you'd ever need.