Best supressor/silencer for my m&p40?

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    First of all I'm 27 and never been charged/arrested. Live in South Carolina so I'm ok. I want to buy a supressor/silencer for my s&w m&p40. What are my options? I don't mind paying for quality. What's a good threaded barrel? Storm Lake? What specs do I need? I don't mind the cost or waiting 4-6 months for approval. Our local sheriff is awesome too. Thanks guys!
  2. JonM

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    My preference is for using a trust regardless how good a sherriff you have. Simplifies inheritence and can add family friends to the use list that can legally buy handguns.

    Storm lake, never heard anything bad about them. Ive got gemtech threaded barrels in my m9 and in the wife's m9 as they take factory barrels and thread those. The reason i went gemtech is because they use berreta factory barrel as it has the original feed ramp and chrome linings.

    I like the silencerco osprey as ive used them but dont own one...yet. ive got two suppressors a silencerco sparrow ss and a surefire fa762k.

    The main reason im leaning osprey is because of its eccentric design where the bulk of the suppressor is under the barrel line. A round suppressor blocks the sight picture in all but a few designs or sighting options.

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    There are a lot of good choices. I have an AAC model that is now out of production.
    I like the Silencerco Osprey for the ease of using stock sights. The TiRant is another good choice. Just about anything from AAC or Silecerco/SWR is good stuff but many other companies make good suppressors. Unless you plan on shooting lead bullets, take apart cans are not necessary.
    Also consider getting a 45 suppressor if you ever intend on getting or have a 45. It can fit and work on smaller caliber pistols although not quite as efficiently as an exact match suppressor.
    As for barrels, I have a Lone Wolf on my Glock. It dents the brass hard but otherwise functions fine. There are many quality barrels out there.