Best Sniper Rifle.. Caliber?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Trez, Oct 21, 2011.

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    So what do you think is the best sniper rifle and caliber?
    Its gotta been used or adopted by a military and excluding the .50 (Its kinda in a class of their own dont you think?) The rifle and caliber dont necessarily have to match..
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    some would argue the .338 Lapua Mag, me personally 7.62X51, its a good round plus my most of my favorite guns fire it.
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    best is kinda variable. the most effective sniper rifle ever issued that had the largest impact was the mosin 91/30 PU sniper. the one that changed us military doctrine was the remington 700/winchester model 70 in vietnam in 30-06.

    i would say the allround best would be the m40 us military sniper of current issue. its used to great effect for about every situation.

    one of the most effective snipers in history was the simo hayha that c3 referred you to. he did it with a version of the mosin 91/30 and open sights in about 100 days.

    so saying whats best... it just depends
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    The sniper is more important than the sniper rifle. A really good sniper can do better with a 30-06 than a new sniper with a .50 BMG. If I was going into combat and could not have a .50, .338 is big right now but I still like a old fasion 30-06.
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    some of it depends on environment. where is the shot going to be taken? and at what distance? some LEA use the 223 for shorter urban environments. the 308 is probably the most used caliber in many different brands and platforms. the 338 Lapua is getting more attention. the 300 win. mag is still used some.
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    I would say the .308 or the big 50 cal.
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    Depends on the intended use and range. A 308 would be way better for a mobile shooter out to 800 yards than any of the big boys. After that it may be more about the platform and cartidge you and your spotter have the most time with.
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    Like most of the others have said, it all depends on the range and intended purpose. For moderate ranges I would say the 7.62x51 or the 7.62x54r (yes I did say the 7.62x54r ;)). For longer ranges I would say the .300 Winchester Magnum, .338 Lapua, or some of the big boy cartridges.
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    The Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum (known in the UK army as the L115A3 Long Range Rifle) in .338 Lapua Magnum holds the record for the longest sniper kill in combat on record. It was 2707 yards and was fired by Craig Harrison who actually killed 2 machine gunners with one shot and destroyed the machine gun.

    If I was a sniper (which I'm not and I will never be) I'd want that rifle. I'd like to have one anyway but they're a bit pricey for me. They make a .308 version which would be best for this old guy with the neck injury but the $6000 + price tag has so far kept me from scoring one. Maybe someday I'll cash in all my firearms and ammo and buy just that one. I could probably afford one if I did that but then I'd only have one rifle. Decisions. Decisions. AI certainly makes some incredible rifles.
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    i built my own thats shoots just as good got bout 600 bucks in it

    Mauser .308 caliber bolt action rifle. I built this gun for long range shooting. I bought a unused Argentina 1935 action and fitted it with a Parker Hale 26 inch .308 bull barrel. It was pillar bedded and barrel free floated into a Bell and Carson composite stock. It has a Timney match trigger and is topped with a BSA mil-dot illuminated reticule 6-24 x 50mm scope. I used it to drop groundhogs at 500 yards and competed with it in several F-Class long range matches. It has zeroes for 100-1000 yards and is quite accurate. I have shot a 196 out of a possible 200 at 600 yards and a 184 out of 200 at 1000 using M852 Military Match ammo.
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    That is a nice piece man... 600 bux you say. :) I'm gonna have to build me one of those. Haha. I really like the .338 lapua. I would love a sako trg but they are a grip of cash. 35hundo plus! Ouch!
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    Military snipers often shoot over 800 meters.

    Law enforcement snipers - in the U. S. - have an average shot of about 90 meters. That's the upper limit of actual shots fired.

    Since I'm retired from active duty (federal lawman) I'll probably never need a sniper rifle. However, since there are LEO (and retired) shooting matches which include a sniper match, I have a Remington 700 with appropriate evil black plastic stock and expensive scope.

    It's in .308 Winchester and does everything I'll ever need to do.

    If someone needs a .338 Lapua, be my guest.
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    .338 since the longest sniper shot in history was done with it, I think it wins.
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    This question needs to be broken down MUCH further.

    .308? Sure. It's awesome inside an urban environment. 70 yards, 90 yards, 100 yards. Perfect. 200 yards? 300 yards? Realistically NO police agency is going to "green light" a 280 yard shot. It's not going to happen.

    FBI H.R.T.?

    They went to the Remmy 7mm YEARS AGO! For a reason.

    For the sandbox?

    .50BMG is what everyone THINKS they want.

    However what they REALLY want is the Chey-Tac .408 Rifle System. It's the
    world record holder for group size and the thing can take your head COMPLETELY off at 2000 yards.

    Having said that, there IS room for a more mainstream improvement on the "sniper" platform.

    The next "sniper" evolution is coming and it will be impressive, lethal, cutting edge and state of the art.

    Until then, I'll take my custom built 7mm Tactical and continue to ring the gong at 600 yards with ease. :cool:

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    Didn't this happen just pretty recently too?
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    The .408 is a dead round, atleast it should be. The .416 is superior in every single way to the .408. It has a better ballistic coefficient, more power, and more range. The .416 is still supersonic (yes, supersonic) at 2500 yards :eek:

    Objectively, the best mass produced (atleast to some degree) round out there is the .416 Barret.

    The best rifle is a whole different ballgame, and is something that is very difficult to quantify, accuracy isn't the only thing in the game, you have weight, size, portability, accuracy (of course) capacity, concealibility, reliability... etc.