best small game hunting story that involes your .22

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  1. 22tackdriver

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    Just a brief hunting story you want to share that you feel we should know about
  2. chucksolo69

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    Back in the 80's, a friend and I were hunting cottontails here in SoCal and I had just purchased a bolt action Marlin .22. I topped it of with a 4x Weaver rimfire/air rifle scope. He was shooting a Ruger 10/22 and shot at a cottontail about 100 yards away. He missed. I nailed that little sucker in the head with my Marlin loaded with Remington Yellow Jackets and the thing jumped at least 5 feet in the air when hit. That was probably one of if not the most accurate .22 rifles I have ever owned. I wish I still had it; that rifle cost me all of $60.00!!!!

  3. Georgiahunter

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    A couple of years ago I was at my cousins shooting squirrels off of his back porch. I had a ruger 10/22, brother had a semi-auto .22, and my cousin had a marlin lever action .22. We all saw the same squirrel at the same time and opened fire. The squirrel ran 30 yards across the yard and halfway up a tree, all the while taking constant and rapid fire from the three .22s. When we recovered the squirrel it had at least 20 rounds in it. Needless to say we didn't eat that one.
  4. Marlinman

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    I think my best hunting shot w a 22 was a big fox squirrel back in october. I shot him at 215 steps w my marlin 882 ss 22 mag. I hit him directly between the eyes with a remingto vax 33 grain ballistic tip. I thought i had missed. Put another round in the chamber and lined the second mil dot down on his head again. Started to squeeze the trigger when he dropped about 30' out of the black oak fork he was sittin in.

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    Me and my dad were hunting a muskrat that was in my uncles fishing pond, it was getting late and we hadn't seen him for a while. The sun was starting to go down I was coming back from doing some business was about to sit down my dad said don't move so I froze two deer less then 30yrds away on the other side of the pond start walking on the water edge left to right of us I'm frozen then two does come up over the hill within at least 20yrds. We sat there and watched them for a good 5 minutes I was still standing rifle in hand then that furry little bastard popped up in the water I got off three shots he was dead and the deer ran like hell, it was a good day...