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  1. SubSniper91395

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    I am in need of some opinions and options on a scope for my AR revamp. I'm taking my base rifle and beefing it up to my style. So I had a scope picked out, Barska's Point Black 4-16X40 B.D.C, however another user here on the Optics forum, MudPupp, told me that Barska was a wavering brand. So I need to know.....what is a good scope for a plinking/ varinmment hupredator hunting aAR for under $250
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    Mueller would be my choice. They aren't very well known but I've had very good luck. I run a couple of their scopes.

    Sometimes midway runs specials on them also. But shop around and you can sometimes find better pricing.

  3. SSGN_Doc

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    I've been very happy with Nikon for the money. Both the Prostaff and Buckmaster lines give good quality for the money.

    Also Redfield offers good optics on a budget. Owned by Leupold with their great warranty and service if you ever did have a problem.

    Spending the money on a Barfka will usually lead to spending money again later to replace it. So you are usually better off saving a little longer and buying better the first time.
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    I agree, nikon is every bit of a leopuld, but cheaper. Good clear scopes at reasonable prices. I have a nikon prostaff on an AR and it works great. I also recommend Burris, another good affordable brand that doesn't get the credit it deserves. Go to your LGS and compare them. You be able to see.

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    Nikon p223 3-9x40 is on my short list. Probably about 250 after rings and all but if you but if you shop it right you can buy it sharper than that.
  6. buffalolake

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    This is the reticle on the Nikon P223, it's calibrated for the 5.56 round for 100-600 yards.