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Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by Josey Wales '94, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. Josey Wales '94

    Josey Wales '94 New Member

    What is the best scope under 100 dollars?
    I have 2 Bushnells for 40$ a piece they work great
    But i bought a 70$ Center Point and i can't even sight it in it has a limited range of elevation and windage adjustments
    My dad bought a 300$ Nikon and it is great but a little too expensive

    IGETEVEN New Member

    Welcome to the forum Josey, when you get a chance, can you swing by the Introductions section of the forum and tell us a little about yourself and your firearms interests, so the forum members can welcome you.

    Also, you will probably get more responses to you question if you post it in the the Optics & Mounts
    thread of the forum, thanks. :)


  3. hdwrench

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    when reaching for an in expensive scope i have been useing bushnell dusk to dawn scopes . i put a low power (1-5 i think) on a 12 ga shotgun with good results . they do pick up alot of lite when its needed . around here we are paying 150 or so for nikons so i'd shop around if you need one . you mite want to consider pentax scopes also ,there a good value . sportsman guide (www.)has a 3x9 on sale for a hundred or so .happy scope hunting .

    wrench,out .
  4. MAGNUM44

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    Bsa rifle scopes

    I bought & mounted 2 BSA cateye Ill um. redicul 3x10.50mm scope's on 2 of my rifle's, My 243 win & my 22/250 Rem what a great investment for about $65.00 each on sale bought one from Natchez shooters supply & the other from Midway USA, both are super accurate on either gun & the redicule has a switch on it to light up in red for low light mornings & dusk time check out the BSA's you will be glad you did, whatever you do stay away from Tasco, as they are a cheap POS & not at all made like they use to years ago,also check out Simmons, & Redfield is back made in WA. state but they most likely will be above the 100 $ mark for you good luck choosing one of these. :)