Best rounds for competitions.

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  1. thefonze

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    Used CCI standards in a comp at the weekend and they we're stinking!
    Anyone got any tips?
    New to this game,
    Using an CZ BRNO 452 if that makes any difference...
  2. Sniper03

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    I always used Federal Hi-Power 22 cal ammunition for my competition. They shot very well and very accurate in the Thompson Contender 10" Barreled Pistol. It was while competing in Metal Silhouette competition. In fact I shot Indiana's second perfect score. The targets involved the Chickens Pigs, Rams and so forth. The course was shot from 25 yards and the Rams at 100 Yards. You might try some of those! They are a jacketed round so they also load very well and for me have always shot accurately.


  3. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    For pure accuracy I always relied on RWS R50 or Eley Benchrest Gold.
  4. thefonze

    thefonze New Member

    thanks lads, them CCI's were shocking the other day, from bullseye to 0 points in one shot.
  5. masterPsmith

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    We can recemend ammo all day, but in the end, it is the ammo that best works in your particular rifle. Try several and use the most accurate and reliable in your rifle.

  6. Joe Haller

    Joe Haller New Member

    From personal experience . . .

    In Benchrest competition, the most serious shooters use Eley Black Box. The Eley Red Box is more expensive and not used as much. Eley tests their match grade ammo in Anschutz rifles. The most accurate goes into the Red boxes. The "Not-Quite-So-Accurate" goes in Black boxes. We shoot different lots of Black Box, until we find a good one. When we shot that all up, we start looking for another good lot.

    Ranking in accuracy behind Black box is: Blue Box, then Orange Box and Yellow box. They use to have Brown and White in that order at the bottom. Don't see much of that any more. Eley Sport in Purple Boxes is made in Mexico, using the patented Eley priming system. The members of our club found it does not shoot very well.

    Lapua Center X is comparable in price and accuracy to Black Box, but is not winning as many matches as Black Box. Lapua Midas Plus is comparable in price to Ely Red Box as is RWS R-50. But, not many shooters use that more expensive stuff. They test different lot of Black Box or Lapua Center X until they find one that works best in there rifle.

    I think most competitive benchrest shooters would agree that Wolf Match Target and SK Rifle Match are the next best in accuracy, for a price just a little more than half the cost of Eley Black Box.

    Of course a BIG part of rimfire accuracy is "What the rifle likes".

    Joe Haller (Mr. Frosty)
  7. Hawg

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    A friend of mine has a son that shoots competition with an Anshutz and he won't use anything but Wolf.
  8. Fisherking

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    In my Savage Mark II RWS 50 shot the best but at just under $10.00 a box of 50 I went with my second choice which was Federal Auto Match. With the auto match i was able to keep the groups at 1/2 inch to 3/8 at fifty yards.
  9. Joe Haller

    Joe Haller New Member

    The price and weight of ammo.

    I bought a couple of boxes of RWS R-50 about 12 years ago. The price per 50 was about $7.00 at that time. Now Champion Shooters Supply sells them for $15.50. Eley Red Box is now $19.00 per box and Eley Black Box is $13.00. That cheap Mexican Eley Sport sells for $3.00.

    Back to the R-50: When I bought those two boxes, I was into checking the cartridge weight of different brands of .22 ammo. The weight spread of Eley Black Box and Red Box was about 8/10th of a grain from the lightest to the heaviest. Some lots of Wolf Match Extra were the same and none over 1.2 grains.

    When I checked that RWS, the spread was 2.5 grains. How could this be? I figured someone must have bought several bricks of the stuff and maybe from different lots. They weight sorted it, put the culls back in those two boxes and gave them back to the dealer.

    I never bother to test that ammo for accuracy, and have never bought any R-50 since. I'm sure it will shoot well in some rifles. Before I buy any again, I'll make sure it is still in the shrink wrap.

  10. Gatekeeper

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    Hey Joe, welcome to FTF!
    Recognize you from over at RFC (I read much more than post:D)
    Glad to see you've brought your rimfire experience and knowledge here to FTF.
    Swing by the Introductions Section when you get a chance so the rest of the forum can say "Hi":cool:
  11. X-Raycer

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    I only shoot against myself but..
    I've read and believe every Rimfire Rifle has its own preference of Ammo.
    You need to try different types until you hit on the one that works best in that gun.

    Here is a list of Brands, with Group Sizes, that was compiled and posted on another forum.
    .22 Ammo Test

    My 10/22 likes CCI Green Tag but in my CZ 452 Style, they are all over the place.
    Just finshed 500 Rds of Wolf MT in the CZ and though they are Good, I still think it should be better.

    I've had the CZ right at a month now. Tomorrow, I'm starting on my 3rd Brand of ammo, Aqila Golden Eagle Match Rifle.
    I have two Shoe-boxes full of different ammo that I'll be trying.
    I have an order for two more, Eley Match (Black Box) and Lapua Center-X, in route.

    Also, I've been scanning and saving the Targets shot, so I can review them later.

    Just keep shooting.
    It took me a year and Thousands of rounds to find what didn't work in the 10/22.
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  12. nortatoga

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    New to Benchrest Competition

    My 1930 Winchester 52 shoots wolf mt best when its dirty! Clean the bore it takes about a 50 rounds before she starts shooting tacks again mite be because of her age don't know yet just how dirty I can let it before accuracy starts to fall off I haven't tried Eley, Lapua or RWS
  13. Joe Haller

    Joe Haller New Member

    Rimfires are different . . .

    A rimfire needs lubricant in the barrel to show its best accuracy. The lub on most rimfire bullets is formula that has beeswax in it. When you clean your barrel, the wax in removed. Your first shot from a clean barrel will apply that lubricant to the first few inches of the bore. A second shot will get the lub a little further up the bore. It may take from 5 to 15 or more rounds to get that beeswax lubricant coated the full length of the bore.

    The bore needs to be cleaned when the accuracy falls off. Most of the rimfire BR shooters seem to think you can expect about 300 rounds of accurate shooting. Then you should clean the barrel, and just accept the fact that you must relubricate that barrel with several shot.

    A deposit of a mixture of lead & fowling will build up just ahead of the chamber at 6 o'clock. You sometimes can get extra rounds of accurate shooting by cleaning the chamber with a wire brush or lead solvent: And: Leaving the lubricant alone in the barrel. Eventually we gotta clean those barrels. And, relub them.

    What's different about centerfire barrels? A match grade 6mm PPC barrel is shot out and it's superior accuracy is gone after about 1500 rounds.

    Our rimfires will keep there accuracy for more years than most of us will live.

    Joe Haller (Mr. Frosty)