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best pocket gun

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what do most of you carry inside your pocket?
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pocket guns

I carry either my para ordnance C6LDa or 1 of my matching pair of taurus titatinum .44 as primary defense gun and for pocket gun it's either rohrbaugh 9mm,or downsizer .45 single shot. I call the pocket guns jesus guns cause by the time comes that I have to draw one of these tiny guns-SOMEBODY'S going to meet jesus-either me or him(unlikely).
.32acp in a HSc or a .380 in a PPK.....No holster in the pocket...:)
Pocket guns:

most popular with LEO's is a S&W 5 shot Chief Special...leter versions such as a bodyguard or centenial with built in hammer shroud as not to catch the hammer on something.

Speer Gold Dot 38 Special short barrel load is very popular.

Usually the same revolver they use as a back up gun on-duty.

Seecamp 32acp DAO stainless has all been popular...but pricey and limited availability. Nice little reliable pistol. OK with Gold Dot Rounds.

Revolver advantage is being able to fire repeated shots from within a pocket without jamming like an autoloader .

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38 S&W Airlite with +P Ammo- Keltech .380 (only in summer time).

I always carry a G23 or Bigger at all times. As main gun.
i'm surprised there aren't more responses
what do I carry in my pocket?

A North American Arms mini 5 shot .22 revolver. Frank
When I don't feel like holstering my Kimber I throw my wife's (ok, no laughing here gents) Bersa .380.
Best Pocket gun?

Hello all


I've carried a small 2" snub as a pocket gun, played with a Walther PPK and PP, in my James Bond years, LOL! I did find and now my Wife carries one of the best I've had? Its a Hungarian PA-63, in 9MM Makarov! Carries like a wlather, lighter, more punch in the caliber than 32 or 380 and 1/3 the cost! Lots of mags and got holsters from my old ppk and PP that fit it just fine! Wholesale cost on this gun with 1 mag is like 99.00 if you hunt around, mags will run ya like 10-12 each plus shipping, lets face it, it's a pocket gun, so do ya need more than 4 mags for it anyway? Tom Forrest in Calif has the mags and has always served my needs! Look into this one chaps, it's as good carry!
Just my .02
My pocket pistols...

Kel-Tec P32 32acp
Kel-Tec P3AT 380acp
Colt M1908 380acp
Walther PPK/s 380acp
EG Makarov 9x18
Davis Derringer 22magnum


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The rohrbaugh is by far the best pocket gun-9mm,12.8 oz,2.8" barrel. If you don't have room for that,the seecamp is king of the Jesus guns. When I say "Jesus gun",that means that by the time I actually have to draw one of these guns-SOMEBODY'S going to meet Jesus!!!!!:D

Here's another vote for the Kel-Tec .380. Except for the Rohrbaugh 9mm, which is apparently made of platinum, it's got the best size-to-power ratio on the market, plus it's cheap. It eats Double Tap FMJs.

Mine lives in a Bob Mika custom pocket holster. I have 6 pocket holsters, and Bob's are absolutely the best--and at the best price, with the fastest turnaround time, and with the best customer service. I had him make one up for me that holds an extra mag; $31 and 3 weeks, and it's perfect. When it comes to pocket holsters, Bob is The Man.
Pocket gun

Cnorman,I have a rohrbaugh and it's worth every penny and more. You get what you pay for and the rohrbaugh 9mm is designed and made from 1st grade space age materials and runs flawless. That's the tiny lil pistol I have on me when I don't wear something to conceal my para ordnance C6LDA.
I also have a seecamp .32 for a jesus gun-that means last resort,last ditch,when I gotta pull that-SOMEBODY'S gunna meet jesus and quick!
Here's another vote for the Kel-Tec .380. Except for the Rohrbaugh 9mm, which is apparently made of platinum, it's got the best size-to-power ratio on the market, plus it's cheap. It eats Double Tap FMJs.
What are you saying is cheap the gun or ammo?

Is the gun really $1200?
For pocket carry I usually use either my Beretta 9000S 9mm or my Kahr K9 9mm in a pocket holster. If I carry the Kahr I don't keep a round in the pipe because there is not a manual safety, and my pockets are a little close to the family jewels.
Pocket Guns ???

2 sides of this discussion must be considered in making a choice.

1. If is for convenient pocket carry to be produced, placed in a bad guys face and then shoot...what ever fits your pocket and you can hit something more than once at 7 to 10 feet will work.

5 shots into 5 inches @ 5 feet, in under 5 seconds as Crazy John @ PROLOAD Distributors says !

2. If you are talking being able to fire from a pant or jacket pocket, forget about an auto. One shot and you will be jammed, unable to fire again.
Now enter the derringer or you are talking repeat shots without having to deal with unrestricted slide travel, ejection and reload issues. a S&W J frame or Taurus 85 type 5 shot revolver is ideal, ahmmerless like a bodyguard or centennial is even better because a hammer spur MAY catch on clothing and ruin the rest of your life.

With all the auto's out there, law enforcement still relies upon and issues J frame revolvers to under-cover type officers because they DO work !
They do come in 357 Magnum but WILL ignite the jacket pocket when fired !

AMMO: go for something specifically designed for short barrels....the load from CCI/Seer Gold Dot is a worker.

Hope that helps ! :rolleyes:
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