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    Not for sure if this is where I should start this thread but hear goes I think
    The members on here are by far some of the best people you will meet they give you their IMO what they do or a
    Place where to find what you looking different prices and options on something that might be cheaper it just goes on and on I currently did a trigger job in which I thought I did it all right but had a left over part naturally I freaked but as it turns out two people told me exactly what it was I just can't say enough about this site I hope I can repay the people that helped me by passing my knowledge on to someone else with everything I have learnt here and the things I knew before I hope I never get to old to learn thank you everyone for a Job well done
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    Well, I'm sure we all appreciate your sentiments. I've felt the same way since I've joined, it really is a great community.

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    Thank you very much. I'm moving this to general discussion so more people can see it.
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    I am a gun newbie. I took one of my pistols apart to try to replace a safety to accommodate some larger, new grips. That gun sat in a ziploc bag for a month. When I felt brave enough, I'd try to piece it back together. Springs went flying and I was totally flipped. I can't tell you how many people PM'd me, offered to fix the gun if I sent it to them, posted videos and other links to help me. I eventually got that gun together and I couldn't have done it without all the help and suggestions of the members here.

    "I get by with a little help from my friends.........."
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    I think the people I have interacted with in this forum so far have been great. I used to participate in a different firearm forum and some of the people were quite mean spirited and on the radical side. I am enjoying sharing information in this forum.